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Is mountain milk more valuable?

Jun 01, 2006 / alpMedia
For the first time in Switzerland, the price that consumers are ready to pay for milk from mountain areas was determined based on customer surveys.
Within the framework of his graduate dissertation at the Institute for Agronomy of ETH Zürich, Kaspar Mühlentaler studied in the town of Steffisburg (canton Bern) possible prices for the four following categories: organic milk, milk processed or bottled in the region of origin, milk coming from mountain areas in general or specially from the Berner Oberland region, compared to a pasteurised generic product from the lowland.
According to 260 respondents interviewed, there is a readiness to pay on average a premium of around 6 cents per litre for milk from mountain regions and up to 8 cents for organic milk. According to this, the indication of origin generates an increased willingness to pay, even without a specific way of being processed. In order to exploit the existing market potential, mountain products should be offered with a clear indication of their origin and in connection with statements about origin or quality.
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