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Management and Winter sport resorts

Jun 01, 2006
A new volume from the series "Journal of alpine research" was published in March. It deals with the management and governance of winter sport resorts.
Climate change and its effects on winter sports lead to new challenges for Alpine tourist resorts, which further fuel the discussion about the development of these areas. Up to now, issues regarding tourism development or the construction of new installations have been in the forefront.
The authors of the publication deal specifically with the management of winter sport resorts, organisation methods or the peculiarities of public-private partnerships. The whole publication comes in two languages: French and English.
Literature: La revue de géographie alpine/Journal of alpine research, Vol. 94, N. 1, March 2006, Gouvernance et stations de sports d'hiver/ Governance and winter sports resorts, Grenoble, ISSN 0035-1121, 112 pages