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Swiss Bird Index tracks Alpine birds

Oct 06, 2005 / alpMedia
The Sempach Ornithological Station and the Swiss Association for the Protection of Birds [Schweizer Vogelschutz] have developed a Swiss Bird Index (SBI) modelled on stock exchange indices.
The SBI describes the state of ornithology in Switzerland in scientific yet easily understandable terms, with the situation of ornithology representative of biodiversity as a whole. The SBI comprises a set of indices and shows how the population of 169 breeding bird species has developed since 1990.
Bird species have developed differently in different habitats. Alpine birds as a whole have done well. By contrast species populations living in cultivated land and dependent on wetlands and waterways have been recessive, as have 38 of the most endangered species on the Red List. The SBI is analogous to the Wild Bird Indicator recognised by the European Union, which tracks the trend in breeding bird populations throughout Europe.
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