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Climate protection measures for a hot Bavaria

Jul 28, 2005
Representatives of Bavaria's Ministries of the Environment, Economic Affairs, Agriculture and the Interior, and of the Bund Naturschutz have agreed on around a dozen climate protection measures in a further step in implementing the Climate Protection Alliance they concluded in 2004.
"Protecting the climate - Saving energy - Saving money" is the motto of the Land's climate protection and energy-saving initiative. It is aimed first and foremost at owners of individual dwellings and apartments, providing information on heat-loss insulation for buildings, building refurbishment, and modernising heating and hot-water installations. The measures also include a study on economically efficient rehabilitation of buildings, the European Energy Award for the best energy-saving municipality, and energy-saving measures in public buildings.
The current summary report on the Bavarian - Baden-Württemberg co-operation project "Climate Change in Bavaria 2021-2050", launched in 1999, shows that Bavaria is set to hot up as a result of the global climate change: On average there will be 50 per cent more hot summer days (temps in excess of 25 °C), and the number of very hot days (temps in excess of 30 °C) will approximately double.
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