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New publication: Mountaineering villages to enjoy

Jul 14, 2005 / alpMedia
The latest brochure of the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV) features hiking and mountaineering regions in Austria which actively implement the Alpine Convention's Tourism Protocol.
Cover "Bergsteigerdörfer"
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The authors selected 13 mountain regions with villages which, among other things, promote public transport, dispense with large-scale tourist infrastructure such as international hotel complexes, encourage environmentally friendly tourism, and contribute towards protecting alpine areas.
Each chapter begins with a presentation of the region, followed by basic information on the villages, how to get there and the mountain huts on site. The finest summer and winter tours are presented in two sections. There is also a bibliography and map recommendations. The final section offers bad-weather alternatives such as museums and sights.
Bibliography: Austrian Alpine Association (publisher) (2005): Kleine und feine Bergsteigerdörfer zum Geniessen und Verweilen, Innsbruck, 132 pages. To order: (de)
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