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Research into environmental impacts along the main Alpine traffic arteries

May 04, 2005 / alpMedia
This spring saw the launch of ALPNAP, a new project in the framework of the EU's Interreg IIIB Alpine Space Programme.
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Entlang Verkehrswegen in den Alpen sind die Belastungen oft höher als im Flachland. © ARPA
Eleven research institutes, universities and public institutions in Austria, France, Germany and Italy are collaborating on a programme to monitor and reduce noise and air pollution caused by vehicles using the main Alpine traffic routes and in the process to create a pan-Alpine network of experts in the fields of mountain meteorology, air pollution, noise and the impacts on public health.
Work within the project is concentrated on two main traffic axes, namely the Fréjus route between Turin/I and Chambéry/F in the Western Alps and the Brenner corridor between Rosenheim/D and Verona/I in the Eastern Alps. New measuring and simulation models will be tested along those routes to demonstrate their applicability to questions of air quality, noise and the impacts on public health. The main objective of the project is to establish a reliable and internationally harmonised tool in support of political debate and decision-making by policymakers and the regional authorities. The project has a total funding requirement of almost two million euros and will run for three years.
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