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From vegetable plots to supermarkets: land consumption in France

Dec 02, 2004 / alpMedia
The French association for regional planning and rural development has recently published a white paper on the subject of land consumption as a result of urbanisation, entitled "The End of the Landscape?". More and more arable land is being built up with residential buildings and industrial parks, and land consumption is progressing at an alarming pace.
This trend is particularly noticeable in tourist resorts in mountain areas. In the Haute Savoie for instance competition for land has taken on threatening dimensions. Each year some 7,000 people move to the region, resulting in land consumption of 500 m² for each new inhabitant and 500 hectares for development measures. If this trend is allowed to continue at this pace, the Arve valley for example will be entirely built up within ten years. The association wants to use general proposals for improvement to launch a discussion of this issue and influence a bill by the French government relating to a reform of agriculture and land allocation.
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