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New publications show: biodiversity still on the wane

Nov 04, 2004 / alpMedia
The "Biodiversität in der Schweiz" (Biodiversity in Switzerland) study published by the Biodiversity Forum Switzerland has concluded that genetic diversity and biodiversity are more at risk in Switzerland than in most other European countries.
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In the study renowned scientists highlight striking shortcomings in efforts to protect biodiversity and suggest a number of solutions. They call for improved outline conditions from political sources and appeal for a sustainable approach to biological diversity. The study cites a number of factors for the dwindling wealth of species: intensive farming, the overflow of towns into the countryside and the unplanned settlement of natural environments, and also climate change. With its easily accessible, popular-science style the study is aimed intentionally at the general public. The 237 page book contains many photographs and illustrations showcasing the many facets of nature in Switzerland.
The dwindling wealth of species is also a cause for concern in Germany. The new practical guide in English issued by the German Federal Environmental Agency, entitled "Integration of Biodiversity Concerns in Climate Change Mitigation Activities", is designed to help prevent measures which may protect the climate yet threaten biodiversity; for example afforestation with fast-growing, non-indigenous species of trees.
Sources and information: Baur, B. et al. (2004): Biodiversität in der Schweiz - Zustand, Erhaltung, Zukunft. Bern: Haupt Verlag (de), (en)
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