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Preserving priority areas of the Alps

Feb 12, 2004 / alpMedia
At the UN Conference on Biological Diversity in Kuala Lumpur the WWF presented a study identifying 23 priority areas of the Alps. The alpine study in five languages was drawn up by the WWF, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA), the Network of Alpine Protected Areas and the International Scientific Committee for Alpine Research (ISCAR) with the help of a hundred experts from 90 institutions and bodies.
It is based on an analysis of the main habitats for mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects and flora as well as freshwater ecosystems.
The report was hailed as a model for the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity in large mountain regions and a contribution towards the implementation of the Alpine Convention. The regions identified are not to be put entirely under protection; instead adapted measures for their sustainable use are to be drawn up together with local interest groups.
The authors of the study have called upon the UN Conference to adopt the Action Plan for extensive protection of all the mountain regions of the world.
All bodies or individuals working in the field of biodiversity in one of the 23 regions are invited as part of a Call for Participation to state their interest to take part in elaborating and implementing an action plan on biodiversity conservation.
Study (pdf, 2851 kb):