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  • CIPRA celebrates 70 years of Alpine protection

    Connecting people, overcoming borders, protecting the Alps: For 70 years CIPRA has been working for a good life in the Alps. What might the Alps of the future look like? On the occasion of its birthday on 5 May, CIPRA also takes a fresh look at itself and presents various visions of the future in the current SzeneAlpen themed issue "The Alps of Tomorrow".

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  • Climate bridges to south-eastern Europe

    The Climate Bridges project strengthens cooperation for transnational climate protection in the Western Balkans. Together with other NGOs, CIPRA Lab is setting up a network platform for this purpose – and is looking for good climate protection examples from south-eastern Europe.

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  • What nature provides in the Alps

    Alpine pastures that provide us with food; trees that create a pleasant microclimate; Alpine landscapes that heal and touch. CIPRA's 2021 Annual Report focuses on the value of nature and shows how we can protect Alpine ecosystems.

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  • Waale, Suonen, Wasserleiten

    Vital for the cultural landscape and biodiversity, and the epitome of community resource management: an application to UNESCO aims to turn traditional irrigation practices into an intangible cultural heritage asset.

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  • Alpine soils: allies in climate protection

    The soils of the Alps make a decisive contribution to climate protection. But intensive land use and rising temperatures are endangering them: not only are they losing their valuable function as carbon reservoirs, but they may even become a source of greenhouse gases themselves.

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  • IPCC report: climate crisis in the Alps

    According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the effects of the climate crisis are greater than we thought: glaciers are melting in the Alps and there are more rockfalls and droughts. What else awaits the Alps? And how can we deal with it?

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  • Ski resorts for sale

    Vail Resorts from the USA is taking over Andermatt-Sedrun in Switzerland, while a British company is buying Via Lattea in Italy. This is the role played by international investors in the ski circus of the Alps.

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  • The Alpine tourism of the future

    The results of CIPRA's Reset Alpine Tourism project show how the tourism industry can function in a more resilient and environmentally friendly way.

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  • #alpinechangemaker wanted

    Projects for a good life in the Alps: highly motivated people from the Alpine region can apply until 15 May with ideas for the “Alpine Changemaker Basecamp” (ACB). They can look forward to a transdisciplinary project week, exchanges with like-minded people and a one-year mentoring programme.

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  • Point of view: the excessive character of the Olympics

    High construction costs, unused sports facilities, environmentally damaging large-scale projects: loud criticism continues to surround the staging of the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina/I. We must ask whether such sporting events still have a place in the Alps, says Vanda Bonardo, President of CIPRA Italy.

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