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For visitors and for locals

Apr 16, 2019
What is a good life in the Alps? How can tourism be reshaped? CIPRA International has dedicated its 2018 Annual Report to both local residents and visitors to the Alps and, under the motto “Visitors and residents”, has illustrated how tourism and quality of life can be compatible.
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Kaspar Schuler and Barbara Wülser (Co-Directors CIPRA International), Hugo Quaderer (Treasurer CIPRA International); from left (c) CIPRA International

If intelligently planned and implemented, tourism can connect various areas of life as well as the numerous needs of locals, visitors and temporary residents in the Alps. Unconventional ideas and creative strategies are required to develop holistic offers for tourists and to draw value from the Alpine natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable way. As Christian Baumgartner, Vice-President of CIPRA International, explains: “CIPRA International’s latest annual report shows that the CIPRA organisations are helping to generate the necessary ideas and strategies using creativity, charm and wit”.

Involved and creative

The report highlights the example of the Slovenian tourist destination of Bled, currently overrun by hordes of visitors from all over the world. At the end of May 2018 the town hosted the annual conference entitled “Alpine tourism: quality of life included!”, staged by CIPRA in collaboration with the “Alliance in the Alps” network of municipalities. According to Barbara Wülser, Co-Director of CIPRA International since April 2019, this example clearly shows that excessive tourism is not necessarily of benefit to local people. “It is important to discuss and direct developments together with the local population.”

The attitude to life of young people is shown by the photos taken by youthful travellers as they make their way sustainably through the Alps using the “Youth Alpine Interrail Ticket”, an initiative of the CIPRA Youth Council (CYC). Readers can also learn how CIPRA Slovenia has pledged itself to the protection of water resources, how CIPRA France is committed to environmentally friendly mobility, or how CIPRA Germany is campaigning against the linking of ski areas. The Annual Report also recounts the often painful political battles in which CIPRA is involved in order to demand approaches that will result in long-term sustainable projects, rather than simply a short-term profit.

The Annual Report is available in printed form or as a PDF from CIPRA International,+423 237 53 53, [email protected] or



Caroline Begle, Project Director for Communication, [email protected]

Barbara Wülser, Co-Director, CIPRA International, [email protected]

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