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Solar unit youth hostel St. Moritz (Copyright: Greenpeace Switzerland)

Since 1998, the Youth Solar Project of Greenpeace Switzerland has explored new ways of environmental education. Under the motto 'Deeds not Words' young people help to build and install solar collectors on public buildings, social institutions, farms, business premises and private housing. So far, over 10,000 young people have helped to install more than 180 collectors.

I Description of the measure

Solar unit youth hostel St. Moritz (Copyright: Greenpeace Switzerland)

Title in original language: Jugendsolar by Greenpeace

Location of CNA: Switzerland

Municipality / regional entity: nationwide

Category of the experience: Action plan
Type(s) of CNA:

Principal nomination: Educational
Secondary nomination(s): Technological

Thematic field(s):

Principal field: Buildings & construction

Spatial scale: National
Time & duration:

Start date: 1998
Duration: ongoing

Key word(s): environmental education, solar energy, solar power plants


Reduce dependence on nuclear, oil and coal-based energy - the project wants young people to experience the potential of the renewable energy source sun directly, motivate future generations for solar energy use and promote the wide acceptance of the technology by regularly building and installing new solar units.


Building and installing solar power plants (heat and/or electricity) with young people; Working with young people and PR to promote solar energy; Making information and educational materials available; Checking the suitability of buildings for solar energy; Organisation of project weeks, funding assistance.


So far,over 180 solar collectors were installed (see project list). The Youth Solar Project has won several awards.

II Assessment criteria

Mitigation effects: Very high

So far, more than 180 solar collectors have been installed (see project list). No data on the energy generated by these or the corresponding CO2 savings. More details on individual projects can be found on the project home page (, category: durchgeführte Projekte - Referenzen).

Impacts on adaptation: Neutral


Impacts on environment:

- Landscape: Neutral
- Alpine ecosystems / biodiversity: Neutral
- Water / soil / air: Positive
- "Other": None

Expansion of renewable energies (solar power), consequently lower CO2 emissions

Impacts on society:

- Social justice: Neutral
- Regional / cultural identity: Neutral
- "Other": None


Impacts on economy:

- Employment / job creation: Positive
- Added value / income: Positive
- Know how / competitiveness: Positive
- "Other": None

Orders and know-how for firms specializing in solar energy.

Public relations impact and awareness-raising: Very high

PR through the media department of Greenpeace Switzerland. Relative wide media response at the local and regional (to an extent also the national) level. Various awards (e.g. the Swiss Solar Award). International Solar Camp in Switzerland (held once a year with young people from various countries) The Youth Solar Project is part of the international campaign "Solar Generation"

Transferability: Very high

The concept and its realization can easily be applied in other countries.

Cross sectoral and integrative approach: Very high

The Youth Solar Project is the climate and energy campaign of Greenpeace Switzerland. It is also active in the context of the youth campaign "Solar Generation".

Good governance: High

The Youth Solar Project connects solar energy firms and their clients with youth groups and school classes.

III Executive body and contact information

Executive body: Organizations of civil society

Environmental organisation

Contact person(s):

Name: Retze Koen
Institution: Greenpeace Switzerland
Address: Jugendsolar by Greenpeace, Postfach, 8031 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 447 41 01
Fax: +41 44 447 41 99

Online information: (Youth Solar Homepage)

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