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Good Practice


View to the energy villageWildpoldsried, Copyright: Gemeinde Wildpoldsried

The municipalty of Wildpoldsried has developed a concept on 3 components: 1. renewable energy production, energy efficiency and energy saving 2. maximum use of wood as ecological material within building measures 3. protection of surface and subsurface water resources and biological waste water purification. Civic participation is a big issue within implementing different measures. These activities were honoured with a couple of prizes. Aim is the energy self-supply until 2020.

I Description of the measure

Windpower in Wildpoldsried, Copyright: Gemeinde Wildpoldsried

Title in original language: Die Gemeinde Wildpoldsried - innovativ und richtungsweisend

Location of CNA: Germany

Municipality / regional entity: Wildpoldsried (Oberallgäu)

Category of the experience: Strategy
Type(s) of CNA:

Principal nomination: Technological
Secondary nomination(s): Financial

Thematic field(s):

Principal field: Energy 
Secondary field(s): Buildings & construction

Spatial scale: Local
Time & duration:

Start date: 01.11.1999
Duration: still ongoing

Key word(s): renewable energies, timber structure, water management


Aim within all activities is to sensitise citizens and other interested persons for issues of climate protection. Sustainable climate protection measures within the fields of energy, wood and water are highlighted in educational offers like excursions, presentations or seminars. Since the presented measures are implemented in Wildpoldsried the municipality acts as a best-practice example and gives impulses for other communities and private persons. The citizens of Wildpoldsried get a couple of possibilities to use the sustainable offers in Wildpoldsried, e.g. by being connected to the "community-heating" (by now 42 houses) or by acquiring a financial interest in one of the five "citizens`wind power plants".


Within the energy-field basket purchases for photovoltaic and solar installations were organised, so called solar campaign. Photovoltaic installations were installed on public buildings.There is a communal energy-management for public buildings. Furthermore exists a community heating with connectivity for households. Further activities: energy consulting, modification of streetlights, insulation of roofs, replacement of heat pumps, offer of ammeters and thermography for house owners.Within the field of "maximum use of wood" the use of wood as energy source or material was evaluated. By using wood the regional forestry is strengthened. For example a wooden parking ramp has been built. Activities within the field of water resources are using water power, establishing a biological waste water purification and renaturating a peatland within the project WiWaLaMoor (Water landscapes in peatlands). Wildpoldsried supports the building of passive houses (refund of 15€ per m2 building ground)


Up to 400 % of the electricity need in Wildpoldsried is produced by citizens and municipality using renewable energies: biogas, biomass, photovoltaic, solar energy, water power, wind power, passive house, geothermy. With help of the community heating 220.000 l fuel and 600 t CO2 were saved in 2010. The energy image of Wildpoldsried often is a reason for the population to invest in innovative, climate friendly energy solutions. Wildpoldsried is the winner of the European Energy Award (2009-2012). Wildpoldsried is partner at the project IRENE (integration of renewable energies and electro mobility) - production, distribution and consume of energy are conciliated, 40 e-cars are used during a testing phase. By renaturation a natural rainwater retention with a volume of 1850 m3 was created. A closed, ecological circuit exists within a biological waste water purification. Furthermore a natural bathing pond was created. There is a CO2 neutral educational centre "KULTIVIERT" since 2012.

II Assessment criteria

Children playing in the natural bathing pond, Copyright: Gemeinde Wildpoldsried

Mitigation effects: Very high

Wildpoldsried saved up to 20.500 t CO2 by producing energy from renewable sources in 2010. The saving rate is annually increasing. If one citizen consumes 10 t CO2 per year (2.500 citizens x 10 to = 25.000 t), so is Wildpoldsried saving up to 80 % of the existing CO2. Wildpoldsried is going to reach more than 100 % in 2013 since there are planned two more wind power plants in 2012.

Impacts on adaptation: Neutral

By renaturation a natural rainwater retention with a volume of 1850 m3 was created, this could especially have positive effects within flood events. Since for the activities timber is needed, it must be ensured that the local and regional forests are managed in a sustainable way.

Impacts on environment:

- Landscape: Very positive
- Alpine ecosystems / biodiversity: Positive
- Water / soil / air: Very positive
- "Other": None

There are positive effects on the climate by producing renewable energy. There is furthermore a protection of surface and subsurface water resources and biological waste water purification with positive effects on the ecosystems.

Impacts on society:

- Social justice: Positive
- Regional / cultural identity: Very positive
- "Other": None

Civic participation is a big issue within all activities in Wildpoldsried.

Impacts on economy:

- Employment / job creation: Positive
- Added value / income: Very positive
- Know how / competitiveness: Very positive
- "Other": None

Since there was an increasing demand for wooden houses an enterprise, leading in construction of block-passive houses, has established in Wildpoldsried. Per year more than 100 visitor groups are coming to Wildpoldsried with positive influences on the gastronomy and hotels. Many regional craftmen are involved in expanding the renewable energies. By now Wildpoldsried and its citizens have invested more than 24 Mio € in energy projects.

Public relations impact and awareness-raising: Very high

Wildpoldsried has a lot of information on its website. There are presentations, articles in newspapers and professional literature as well as segements on TV and radio. Furthermore a lot of national and international groups are visiting Wildpoldsried. There are educational energy-offers for school and kindergarten, like energy weeks or the energy licence.

Transferability: Very high

Wildpoldsried is quite a small community, but a lot of activities can also be adopted to other municipalities.

Cross sectoral and integrative approach: Very high

All kinds of renewable energy productions are used in Wildpoldsried. Ecological effects are considered as well. In 2012 about 400% of the electricity demand in Wildpoldsried is produced with renewable energies.

Good governance: Very high

Civic participation is a big issue within all activities. In 2012 290 citizens are acquiring a financial interest in one of the 5 citizens wind power plants in Wildpoldsried. There are furthermore around 180 private photovoltaic plants, 42 households are participating at the village heating. More than 200 house owners changed their heating pumps.

III Executive body and contact information

Executive body: Administration

It is the municipality of Wildpoldsried.

Contact person(s):

Name: Susanne Vogl
Institution: Gemeinde Wildpoldsried
Address: Kemptener Straße 2, 87499 Wildpoldsried 
Phone: 0049(831)9205-0 
Fax: 0049(8304)9205-20

Online information:

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