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The „energy bridge“ brings steam across the Rhine. © Andreas Götz

Since mid-2009 a number of industrial enterprises in Liechtenstein, the two largest energy consumers of the country among them, are supplied with process steam from a waste incineration plant in the Swiss town of Buchs, substituting oil or natural gas with steam.

I Description of the measure

The steam from Switzerland is transported to Liechtenstein. © Andreas Götz

Title in original language: Grenzüberschreitende Dampflieferung

Location of CNA: Liechtenstein, Switzerland

Municipality / regional entity: Buchs (CH), Schaan (FL)

Category of the experience: Strategy
Type(s) of CNA:

Principal nomination: Technological

Thematic field(s):

Principal field: Industry & services 
Secondary field(s): Energy

Spatial scale: Regional (small scale)
Time & duration:

Start date: June 2009
Duration: ongoing

Key word(s): Energy efficiency, industry, Process heating (steam)


Construction of a steam conduit over the Rhine - Substitution of oil or natural gas with steam. Contribution to the struggle against climate change.


About 125 tonnes of steam are supplied per year. This is equivalent to about 85'000 MWh of heating energy.


Substitution of oil and natural gas with steam - significant CO2 reduction. Figures differ by source: 1) About 10 million litres of fuel oil were saved per year. CO2 reduction: 20'000 tonnes per year (Klimastiftung Liechtenstein) 2) About 9 million cu.m. of natural gas were saved per year. CO2 reduction about 13,000 tonnes per year. The substitution accounts for about one-third of Liechtenstein's Kyoto objective for CO2 reduction. (The use of process heat however also reduces power generation by the Buchs waste incineration plant) (Verein für Abfallentsorgung)

II Assessment criteria

Mitigation effects: Very high

see 13 - Results

Impacts on adaptation: Neutral


Impacts on environment:

- Landscape: Neutral
- Alpine ecosystems / biodiversity: Neutral
- Water / soil / air: Positive
- "Other": None

Reduction of oil and natural gas use (clean air)

Impacts on society:

- Social justice: Neutral
- Regional / cultural identity: Neutral
- "Other": None


Impacts on economy:

- Employment / job creation: Neutral
- Added value / income: Positive
- Know how / competitiveness: Positive
- "Other": None

Energy cost savings

Public relations impact and awareness-raising: Medium

Local and regional media response. Part of the steam conduit is highly visible: it crosses the Rhine with a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

Transferability: Very high

Technology can be applied to other waste incineration plants (this is quite common).

Cross sectoral and integrative approach: Medium

The steam supply can be seen as part of the environmental/sustainability policy of the firms involved.

Good governance: Medium

Entrepreneurial initiative in consultation with the municipalities and regions.

III Executive body and contact information

Executive body: Administration

Waste disposal organization (Buchs waste incineration plant) and industries in Liechtenstein

Contact person(s):

Name: Verein für Abfallentsorgung
Institution: Verein für Abfallentsorgung
Address: Langäulistrasse 24, 9470 Buchs
Phone: +41 81 750 64 00

Online information: (Homepage) (category Klimaschutz in Liechtenstein - Effizienz [German]) (category Werbung & Medien - Newsdetails [German])

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