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pipistrel, Panthera - one of the products,

The company Pipistrel is an innovative producer of energy efficient light aircrafts with a special focus on R&D. With winning of two NASA awards, they showed that solar energy can be used efficiently also in light aircrafts. They produced the world's first 4-seat electric aircraft.

I Description of the measure

Title in original language: Razvojni center Pipistrel

Location of CNA: Slovenia

Municipality / regional entity: Ajdovscina

Category of the experience: Measure
Type(s) of CNA:

Principal nomination: Technological
Secondary nomination(s): Other type: Research and development (R&D)

Thematic field(s):

Principal field: Transport
Secondary field(s): Energy

Spatial scale: International
Time & duration:

Start date: 1982 The story began when two Slovenian sailplane pilots and good radio control model aircraft manufacturers Ivo Boscarol and Bojan Sajovic started to look for new ways of flying.
Duration: ongoing

Key word(s): aircraft, energy, solar


The aircrafts are a statement of the company's long-time philosophy that you can achieve remarkable feats without wasting energy and polluting the environment. Every aircraft is designed, manufactured and perfected in the state-of-the-art, energetically self-sufficient facility at Ajdovscina, Slovenia. Using geothermal and solar energy to power the whole production process, the company is able to spare the environment 180.000 kilograms of CO2 emissions every year. Everybody owning a Pipistrel aircraft will contribute to a better and cleaner World. The Ecolution campaign represents Pipistrel's mission to show the world that eco-friendly, high-technology products are in fact possible and available today.


The company is not only a market leader at energy efficient light aircrafts, but it also understands energy efficiency as a mission and a process from R&D to the final project. They have invested into new technologies for the use of green power sources in their R&D centre.


It is a good example of what is possible and that the final product can be linked with the process in order to keep the sustainability concept in the value added chain.

II Assessment criteria

Mitigation effects: High

Due to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, the production process has a much smaller footprint and also the products represent a new step towards the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Impacts on adaptation: Neutral


Impacts on environment:

- Landscape: Neutral
- Alpine ecosystems / biodiversity: Neutral
- Water / soil / air: Very positive
- "Other": Very positive

Air transport has a negative effect, but reduction of emissions and transformation to solar energy brings it to a higher level of acceptance.

Impacts on society:

- Social justice: Neutral
- Regional / cultural identity: Very positive
- "Other": None

Pipistrel is recognised as one of the best examples of combining R&D with the idea of long term sustainability.

Impacts on economy:

- Employment / job creation: Very positive
- Added value / income: Very positive
- Know how / competitiveness: Very positive
- "Other": None

All activities were innovative and therefore opening new opportunities, products and markets.

Public relations impact and awareness-raising: Very high

It gives an example that reduction does not mean loosing of comfort and introduces it as a positive challenge.

Transferability: High

The idea shows that niche markets can be an opportunity for energy efficiency related projects and products/processes. They can be later further developed to be more market oriented.

Cross sectoral and integrative approach: Medium

Using less for more result is not only linked to carbon neutrality but is a normal process of simplification, efficiency and 'keep it simple' principle.

Good governance: Medium

The company was supported by subsidies from the national level, more important was a general image and acceptance of the idea in (expert) public.

III Executive body and contact information

Executive body: Administration, Private enterprises

Pipistrel d.o.o.

Contact person(s):

Name: Ivo Boscarol (CEO and founder)
Institution: Pipistrel d.o.o.
Address: Goriška cesta 50a, Ajdovscina
Phone: 00 386 5 36 63 873
Fax: 00 386 5 36 61 263

Online information:

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