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Kocljeva 2; Renovated unit one, © Vrtec Manka Golarja Gornja Radgona

It is the first kindergarten and public building in passive standard in Slovenia. An energetic reconstruction was made in two buildings.

I Description of the measure

Kocljeva 4; Renovated unit 2, © Vrtec Manka Golarja Gornja Radgona

Title in original language: Pasivni vrtec v Gornji Radgoni

Location of CNA: Slovenia

Municipality / regional entity: Gornja Radgona

Category of the experience: Measure
Principal nomination: Technological
Thematic field(s): Principal field: Buildings & construction
Spatial scale: Local
Time & duration:

Start date: 1.1.2008
Duration: 2009 finalisation of the construction. Still operational

Key word(s): kindergarten, passive standard


The aim was to achieve passive standard and to stimulate the use of renewable resources and energy efficient use to reduce the pollution of the environment. Consecutively costs also decrease and living quality improves both for children and for the employed persons.


In September 2008 the first building was opened. Sanitation: only the old walls and the floor were left from the old building. The walls got 30 cm of thermal isolation. The ceiling has been isolated with 40 cm of cellulose flakes. The renovation included all sorts of sanitation (roof, windows, floors, frontage, installations), new heat pump, ventilation system with recuperation, set up of photovoltaic collectors. The second building was opened in October 2009.


The kindergarten building has been renovated into a passive house. The project has made use of expert results from the Institute of building which made an energy survey and prepared the case study for both buildings. The renovation consisted of the sanitation of roof, windows, floor and frontage, renovation of installations, updating ventilation system (recuperation), installing sun collectors for hot water, renovation of water supply and electric systems. Windows were enlarged and air impermeability was achieved. The effects of all these measures are energy savings, better lighting and ventilation in the rooms.

II Assessment criteria

Mitigation effects: High

Consumption of energy sources is lower because of the passive house standard.

Impacts on adaptation: Positive


Impacts on environment:

- Landscape: Positive
- Alpine ecosystems / biodiversity: Positive
- Water / soil / air: Positive
- "Other": None

Annual heating demands are less than 15 kWh/m2 which leads to better air quality in the surroundings and lower energy consumption.

Impacts on society:

- Social justice: Neutral
- Regional / cultural identity: Neutral
- "Other": None


Impacts on economy:

- Employment / job creation: Neutral
- Added value / income: Positive
- Know how / competitiveness: Very positive
- "Other": None

Even if the kindergarden is a public one and does not have to strive for competitiveness it has an added value for parents who send their children there.

Public relations impact and awareness-raising: High

As it is the first example of a passive house public building in Slovenia it is an interesting best practice example.

Transferability: Very high

Every kindergarten could be renovated in the passive standard way.

Cross sectoral and integrative approach: High

It fits with the Energy plan of the Municipality of Gornja Radgona.

Good governance: High

The municipality Gornja Radgona was the investor and assured three quarters of total 2,4 million € for renovation, the remaining part was covered by the Norway Grant. The Institute for buildings prepared an expert basis, work was carried out by the company SGP Pomgrad.

III Executive body and contact information

Executive body: Administration, Universities or other educational institutions

The Municipality of Gornja Radgona is responsible for implementing the measure.

Contact person(s):

Name: Andrej Subašič
Institution: Municipality of Gornja Radgona
Address: Partizanska 13, 9250 Gornja Radgona
Phone: 00386 2 5643822
Email: [email protected]

Other contact persons:

Other contact person: Breda Forjanic, Vrtec Manka Golarja Gornja Radgona, [email protected]

Online information:

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