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Linéa bus, © Ville de Gap - Linéa

Providing a totally free public transport on all urban bus lines of the LINEA network of the town of Gap

I Description of the measure

Title in original language: Gratuité des transports urbains de Gap, France

Location of CNA: France

Municipality / regional entity: Ville de Gap

Category of the experience: Strategy
Type(s) of CNA:

Principal nomination: Financial 
Secondary nomination(s): Technological

Thematic field(s):

Principal field: Transport

Spatial scale: Local
Time & duration:

Start date: 02 November 2005 
Duration: still ongoing

Key word(s): free public transport


Implement the actions foreseen within the transport plan (PDU) of the town. Strengthen the attractiveness and frequentation of the bus network. Support the use of alternative transport options instead of private cars in order to fight against congestion in the city centre and due to rising fuel costs.


The town of Gap is managing its public transport, which means that this is a service of the town which is not delegated. In 2005 the town decided to give access to the buses for free for the whole population in order to fight against the greenhouse gas emissions. 21 buses among which 2 micro buses which drive through the town and stop on demand are part of the town’s vehicle pool. They run on diesel but are equipped with particle filters. In order to ensure the service 35 drivers are sharing the transports of the 10 routes transporting school children, working people and people with reduced mobility. This decision is part of the Agenda 21 process which has been labelled by the State. The free bus transport is backed up by free parking grounds at each entrance to the town which help to avoid that vehicles enter in town. To make the new service known, the town carried out information activities towards users and the population. In addition, the bus drivers were sensibilised.


The frequentation of buses has significantly increased. Strong usage on Wednesdays and Saturdays for shopping and leisure activities. Better service quality. No incidents in terms of vandalism and unappropriate behavior in the buses.

II Assessment criteria

Mitigation effects: Very high

Higher share of public transport: reduction of the use of individual cars and thereby reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. A transport by bus produces 4 times less CO2 than a car.

Impacts on adaptation: Very positive

The free public transport has to be accompanied by a reduction of travels and therefore has to be part of a mobility strategy: development of soft mobility, reduction of car traffic in city centres and parking management.

Impacts on environment:

- Landscape: Neutral
- Alpine ecosystems / biodiversity: Neutral
- Water / soil / air: Very positive
- "Other": Very positive

Reduction of the consumption of fossil energies. Reduction of greenhouse gases

Impacts on society:

- Social justice: Very positive
- Regional / cultural identity: Positive
- "Other": None

Access to the right for transport

Impacts on economy:

- Employment / job creation: Positive
- Added value / income: Very positive
- Know how / competitiveness: Neutral
- "Other": None

Impact on the access to employments by providing free public transport

Public relations impact and awareness-raising: Very high

Model action for a better awareness on the impact of car use in city centres

Transferability: Very high

Measure transferable to small or medium size public transport networks

Cross sectoral and integrative approach: Very high

This action is part of a series of actions of the town Gap: the transport plan for administrations, the urban transport plan with its action "To school by foot", the departmental plan for enterprises, the provision of park-and-ride facilities and shuttle buses.

Good governance: Very high

Action for local governance

III Executive body and contact information

Executive body: Administration

Local territorial collectivity

Contact person(s):

Name: Gap
Institution: Town
Address: 3 rue du Colonel Roux 
Phone: +33 4 92 53 18 19
Fax: +33 4 92 53 18 74

Other contact persons:

Other contact person: Alain GIRODON, Public transport Director LINEA

Online information:

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