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Building of 4 ultra-low energy "PassivHaus" homes at Auzet

Construction of 2 groups of 2 ultra-low energy semi-detached social housing units in the heart of the village of Auzet. Each home has a living surface of 116 m² split over 2 levels. The 2 units, consisting of a timber shell, are prefabricated and then assembled on site. An Austrian company was commissioned with the preliminary study (architecture, thermal analysis, quote). An invitation to tender for general contractors is to be made as part of a public procurement for conception-completion. In addition to the Label "Passiv haus" and the label "BDM" (Bâtiment durable méditerrannéen), a charta "green building-site" will be signed with the craft companies. The project is now the key-project as best example of the group of municipalities Communauté de Communes du Pays de Seyne (CCPS).


In the short term:
- Finance the operations management office in charge of the complex administrative setup of the project (public procurement) as the CCPS has neither the means nor the competence to do so
- Accommodate limited-income families in exemplary passive social housing, with reduction in the energy bills
In the longer term:
- Participate in the general efforts on cutting greenhouse gas emissions
- Promote passive housing in both the Région and the Département, a sector that is still very under-developed
- Act as a showcase in the area to encourage individuals and construction professionals to use and develop this type of housing
- Demonstrate that it is possible to build "passively" for costs barely higher than those of traditional housing, thereby demonstrating that the project can be replicated
- Breathe new life into the heart of a small village that has battled for its survival for 20 years in a mountain area (1200 m) that is difficult to access


To achieve these objectives:
- construction of 4 social housing units built to "passive" standard
- large-scale information campaign about this type of construction (medias, TV, CCPS magazine, Auzet, etc.)
- opening of the site to individuals and professionals so they are able to see the feasibility of such an operation
- detailed description of the principle behind the "passive house", on-site progress, plans, construction costs, etc., on the website of the Community of Municipalities of the Pays de Seyne
- visualisation of the CO2 equivalent not discharged into the atmosphere
Achieving the objective of building these housing units will entail the involvement of an operations management office in charge of drawing up the dossiers for the invitation to tender and procurement as part of the public procurement code; with its modest resources the CCPS does not have the competence to do so; financial aid is requested from dynAlp-climate to cover the remuneration of this essential agent.


Constructing housing that is both social and passive means giving inhabitants the possibility of living in optimum conditions of comfort while minimising their heating energy costs. The residents will be tenants of the CCPS. The rent will be very moderate and set by social services and the State;
They will be given instruction to make them aware of passive housing so they are able to take part in the general energy-saving and environmental protection efforts.




1) Public sector actors:
- Communauté de Communes du Pays de Seyne (CCPS) [Community of Municipalities of the Pays de Seyne] - (04140)
- Municipality of Auzet (04140)
- Conseil Général des Alpes de Hautes Provence
- Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
- Public sector (social housing)
2) Private actors:
- The French or foreign company in charge of the design and completion of the 4 housing units
- An operations management office, the object of this application for financial assistance
3) The 4 families who will live in the social housing
4) Indirectly:
- Inhabitants and children threw environmental sensibilisation
- All actors of the building chain (entreprenors, craftmen, material market, funding institutions...)


dynAlp-climate: 10.000€
Communauté de Communes du Pays de Seyne (CCPS)
Volontary work from Auzet Mayor and inhabitants

Project costs

40'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Commune de Auzet / Mairie d'Auzet
Denis Palisse
04140 Auzet / FR
Phone number: +33 4 92 35 38 45
Fax: +33 4 92 35 38 45
E-mail: [email protected]