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Construction of a sports hall - design for a high energy efficiency building

The definition and design study for the building that constitutes the present call for participation is about to be launched. The Commune having decided that, where new builds are concerned, the PASSIVHAUS standard should be systematically considered and implemented once its feasibility is established, the study in question is to incorporate this political choice. In the event of technical and/or economic impossibility, the best energy efficiency is to be sought.


The aim of the study is to design a functional sports hall that complies with the various regulatory standards that apply to this type of infrastructure so that sporting activities can be pursued in satisfactory conditions of comfort, particularly with regard to temperature, while satisfying the requirements of the PASSIVHAUS standard in the best possible way (labelling objective). This first high energy efficiency building intends to re-affirm the political will of CRUSEILLES in favour of sustainable development and to kick off a process of reflection and action on the part of the players in the private construction sector.


The specifications for the study will require the candidacy of a multidisciplinary team comprised of a heating engineer with experience of dual flow ventilation and insulation materials and technologies. The members of the team will have to furnish proof of their knowledge and experience of the construction of passive houses. On completion, communication measures will be undertaken to publicise this type of building.


Thanks to the definition and design study, a sports hall to "passive" standard - or at least a high energy efficiency sports hall - will be built on the territory of CRUSEILLES. The structure will undoubtedly serve as a showcase and role model, and we undertake to present it to others any time we receive a request to do so.




The municipality will work alongside institutional partners (Departmental Directorate for Youth and Sports) and the voluntary and association sector.


dynAlp-climate: 20.000€, others: 37.000€

Project costs

154'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Mairie de Cruseilles
Marie-Lucie Columpsi
35, Place de la Mairie
74350 Cruseilles / FR
Phone number: +33 450 32 05 53
Fax: +33 450 44 07 36
E-mail: [email protected]