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Energy Optimization of Municipal Buildings - Study of Typical Intervention Plan

The project wishes to conduct an in-depth survey of buildings owned by the municipality. The most suitable corrective technical solutions to improve energy efficiency have been be studied: outer thermal cladding; photovoltaic systems; supplementary heating from solar collectors; the use of bio-compostable materials, etc. The results will be presented to the general public as an encouragement to citizens to proceed with energy optimization of their own homes.


To obtain an energy and economic saving in municipal buildings with consequent reduction of the impact on nature by reducing energy consumption and using renewable sources. To improve the quality of living and working in the various buildings. To organise training meetings for the population and/or for staff involved in the work to publicise the studies carried out and to provide incentives for conversion to the use of renewable energies and reclamation with biocompatible materials. To execute the measures that are the object of study in order to act as a catalyst to promote and accelerate the energy upgrading process in the surrounding area.


Analysis of municipal properties by: surveying the actual state, studying consumption and relevant costs and evaluating any project solutions that can be implemented. Comparison with similar experiences developed in the alpine arc. Ecological impact analysis of the project measures. Cost - benefit analysis. Presentation to the population of the studies carried out. Publication of the results of the study. Training and refresher courses on the subject for municipal experts. Programming the study measures. Search for current tools (normative, financial, etc.) which may permit the execution of the measures that are the object of the study.


Immediate evaluation of a cost - benefit analysis of the measures that can be implemented. Information and training of the community on the themes of environmental sustainability. Evaluation of the current normative and financial tools which may permit the execution of the proposed schemes in order to obtain the specific results. Provision of the documentation and data necessary to be able to start up the executive planning phase of the measures that can be implemented.




Municipal administration, businesses in the sector, liberal professions, experts, citizens of Fontainemore and from other municipalities, tourists...


dynAlp-climate: 10.000€
Own contribution (work and money): 10.400€

Project costs

20'400.00 Euro

Contact person

Comune di Fontainemore
Enrica Perucchione
Loc. Capoluogo 83
11020 Fontainemore / IT
Phone number: +39 125 832 121
Fax: +39 125 832 166
E-mail: [email protected]