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Local Help Desk to promote energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources

The project aims to develop an information Help Desk for local authorities, businesses and citizens to raise awareness of and develop a new energy saving mindset along with greater understanding of energy and environmental issues in order to encourage use of renewable energy sources. Action includes dissemination of information, training, demostrations and technical assistance. Schools are be actively involved.


The information and distribution Help desk aims to provide services, technical assistance and information to public bodies, businesses, residents and students to improve efficiency in the use of energy resources, promote energy saving and the use of renewable sources of energy and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
The Help desk will also fulfil a coordination role in arranging demonstration projects on the use of technologies based on renewable sources and, more generally, the diffusion of best practices. To ensure capillary diffusion of the information service even in more marginal parts of the Mountain Community area, the project also provides a regular presence in all the Municipalities of the mountain area by offering a local service which also benefits those residents who could not otherwise make use of this service because of objective difficulties in reaching the fixed help desk.


o Energy simulations to identify points for possible improvement measures
o Organisation of seminars, conferences and, in general, public information activities (dissemination of technologies, results and useful information, etc.)
o Information initiatives relating to experiences, technologies, suppliers of components, systems and services, calls for finance and other initiatives
o Monitoring the new technologies available
o Assistance with research and development projects in the energy sector, studies on the development of renewable sources, energy saving, elaboration of feasibility plans.
o Further vocational training for the staff of local bodies and businesses and for professionals.
o Environmental training and education aimed at residents.
o Setting up a teaching laboratory and a documentation centre on energy and the environment.
o Demonstration work in schools also using specific teaching kits.


The activities of the Help desk will bring very important results with regard to the aim of achieving a sustainable energy system at local level.
In particular, the results anticipated are:
- the diffusion at local level of power stations fuelled by renewable energy sources while respecting the natural balances and landscapes;
- energy saving by improving the efficiency of buildings and plants and the diffusion of greater awareness of the proper use of resources;
- the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions;
- the development of the area in terms of landscape and the prevention of natural risks through the proper management of natural resources (e.g.: woody biomass)
- improvement in the competitiveness of businesses by reducing energy costs;
- reduction in energy costs for Local Authorities and residents;
- creation of new jobs.


Comunità Montana del Friuli Occidentale


Barcis, Arba, Andreis, Aviano, Budoia, Caneva, Castelnovo del Friuli, Cavasso Nuovo, Cimolais, Claut, Clauzetto, Erto e Casso, Fanna, Frisanco, Maniago, Meduno (Medino), Montereale Valcellina, Pinzano al Tagliamento, (Pinzano al Tagliamento ), Polcenigo, Sequals, Tramonti di Sopra, Tramonti di Sotto, Travesio, Vito d'Asio, Vajont, Vivaro


Mountain Community of Western Friuli and Municipalities of the reference area, Agemont, Ares, Trade Associations, school management boards, businesses, residents, students of all types and grades of schools, experts of the energy area.


dynAlp-climate: 20.000€,
Comunità Montana del Friuli Occidentale: 100.000€
other: 13.000€

Project costs

137'239.00 Euro

Contact person

Comunità Montana del Friuli Occidentale
Ezio Margarita
Piazzale della Vittoria, 1
33080 Barcis (PN) / IT
Phone number: +39 0427 76038
Fax: +39 0427 76301