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PUBBLICHENERGIE - Economically responsible initiatives

Pubblichenergie was started in 2010 as a project shared by five municipalities in the Province of Belluno and two Mountains Communities. In 2010, the focus was on photovoltaic installation with 14 public evening meetings, an energy Help Desk open throughout the year in 5 municipalities and a telephone and e-mail help line service. Pubblichenergie also co-ordinated a broad citizens' purchase group for those intending to install a photovoltaic plant.

(c) Pubblichenergie


The general aim is to set public and private energies in motion to begin small actions able to give big results.
The aims in detail are: (1) to extend the role of the Municipalities as active partners to guarantee, press for and stimulate sustainable economics; (2) to help families take the best decisions with regard to energy saving, renewable energy, mobility, sustainable building, also supporting them at the point of spending by organising joint purchasing groups to reduce costs and increase contractual guarantees; (3) to assist businesses in shortening the distances to residents and encouraging them to improve supply and sustain specific actions of responsible economics thus also promoting the creation of jobs and the development of alpine areas; (4) to set up hundreds of small measures able, in total, to generate specific and important benefits for the environment.


1- organisation in the member (and non member) Municipalities of weekly "themed" evenings, open to residents;
2 - strengthening the "residents help desk" aimed at engaging with the information provided in the "evenings", among all the member Municipalities; with a weekly frequency;
3 - organisation of "fair joint purchasing groups" to reduce costs for member residents. There will be at least two measures: PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER STATION, THERMAL ROOF INSULATION OF HOUSES. Sub-phases of the activity, with the involvement of residents: (a) running of "informal competition"; (b) selection of businesses; (c) drawing up standard contract between the member and businesses; (d) monitoring proper execution of works and checking member satisfaction.
4 - dialogue and discussion: (a) with business trade associations; (b) with territorial institutions; (c) with the partners of ALLIANCE IN THE ALPS


In 2010, the Pubblichenergie network promoted the construction of 178 domestic photovoltaic power stations for a total installed power of 722 kWp and an estimated annual production of approx. 800,000 kWh leading to a CO2 saving of at least 400 ton/year and generating a sustainable economy totalling Euro 2.9 million.
Another important result has been raising the awareness of the population of subjects covered with more than 1900 residents contacted directly (including evenings, help desk, telephone) and many others through the relevant media impact at local level.
2011: 45 domestic photovoltaic power stations for a total installed power of 200 kWp and 15 families ready to participate to the programm of energy savings "EnergiaNova". One particular action has been developped to prevent against asbestos roofs: "+Sole -Amianto".
Goals for 2012: 100 more domestic photovoltaic power stations for a total installed power of 400 kWp, 50 families sensitized, improve and wide the campaign "+Sole -Amianto".


Ponte Nelle Alpi


Besides the municipality of Ponte nelle Alpi (BL) participated following municipalities: Pedavena(BL), Agordo(BL), La Valle Agordina(BL), Trichiana (BL), Mel(BL), Alano di Piave (BL), Lentiai (BL), Valle di Cadore (BL). Other actors: Cooperativa Arianova Sostenibile s.c.s. Onlus (with similar objectives and projects), citizens contacted from the desk (around 500), public meetings ( 2000) and member of the "fair joint purchasing groups" (44).


dynAlp-climate: 10.000€
Municipalities contribution (work and money): 64.000€
Contribution from member of the fair purchase group: 5.000€

Project costs

132'800.00 Euro

Contact person

PubblichEnergie - PonteServizi
Mauro Moretto
via cal di mezzo 13
32014 Ponte nelle Alpi / IT
Phone number: +33 345 0375455