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Firewood Production Project to Meet Local Energy Needs

Italy is the world's largest importer of firewood (ISPRA Report 97/2009), maining from eastern European countries. At the same time, the abandonment of the country's coppice woods is having a negative impact in environmental, landscape and socio-economic terms. In Budoia practically the only available wood on the market for private use is imported while the surrounding cuttable stands are no longer being tended. Forestry and woodcutting must be reinstated and a local supply chain for energy-producing firewood created.


The aim of the project is to set up an initial nucleus of the local firewood sector based on sustainable forestry management, safeguarding the multifunctional nature of the forest.
The purpose is to find out the real development opportunities for a business activity, assessing the potential and inherent limits of the local context. There is a great need to understand what development opportunities there are in the sector. At Budoia there is already a forestry biomass fuelled district heating plant, supplied with wood chips not produced on the site. The future local production of firewood could give rise to wood chip production.
The project then intends to promote and develop the matching of demand and supply of locally sourced firewood.
The aim here is to increase consumer awareness in particular of the less well known aspects relating to imported wood and the positive impact on the area that the recovery of the forests would bring about.


To create a team of forestry workers involving people available in their free time or as a second occupation. To train the team in working techniques, safety at work, forestry and dendrology. To secure the minimum equipment vital for carrying out the work, in addition to the individual equipment which may be made available voluntarily by individuals.
To raise public awareness of the need and positive impact that wood cutting encourages, by organising public meetings on the subject.
To create a nucleus of private owners available to have their own forest cut, assuring them of a competitive return.
To survey an area where wood working can be carried out.
To have wood cutting (minimum 1 ha) and wood production carried out.
To involve primary schools with a competition for ideas to give a brand name to the wood produced.
Advertising through local media and during the traditional Mushroom Festival.


- Gain a clearer idea of the development opportunities of a business activity in the field of forestry biomass for energy production in the local context. In addition, unlike today, it will be possible to call upon a team of professionally trained forestry workers, who can possibly continue/extend the activity.
- Within a project period of two years local firewood will be obtained for sale to residents, after having advertised the initiative. The wood will be identified by its own name, which will distinguish it from similar products present on the market and indicate its source.
- A demonstration project will therefore be carried out aimed at residents, in order to create a renewed relationship with the area, for the good management of forestry areas.
- Sensibilize inhabitants and owner to the use of the forest and renewable local energy sources




The owners of forested land are involved in the project in order to create a consortium to regulate wood cutting and marketing. The Budoia Pro Loco association, a body approved by the Municipality and with the aim of promoting sustainable development campaigns and tourism promotion, is involved as well. To represent the production activities linked with the initiative, a local farmers' cooperative "le Anguane" and Assocosma participate in the project. Other actors involved: Università degli Studi di Udine - Facoltà di Agraria, Legambiente Friuli V.G, Centro Servizi per le Foreste e la Montagna della Regione Friuli V.G., Impresa Boschiva Zambon Mauro di Budoia, Del Maschio Francesco - Studente Universitario, Rigo Federico - Studente Universitario, Forest owners, Volonteers for the cuting, Regional Forest Guard.


dynAlp-climate: 10.000€
Municipality, volonteer work: 10.000€

Project costs

20'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Comune di Budoia
Roberto de Marchi
Municipio P. Umberto 1
33070 Budoia / IT
Phone number: +39 0434 67 19 11
Fax: +39 0434 65 49 61
E-mail: [email protected]