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Relieve the mountains

Telve/I. A local mule breeder currently makes available his animals to carry children and/or luggage from designated points along the valley up to mountain retreats, offering an alternative form of environment-friendly transport. There is a need to identify former foot- and mule paths no longer in use (e.g. the foot- and mule paths used during the First World War) and restore them to safe use.


To develop economic activities through development and respect of the mountain environment in areas not very well known for tourism such as Val Calamento and Musiera to benefit the community of Telve, within an integrated economic regeneration project being set up in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Tourist Boards involved.


The municipal technical office of Telve in collaboration with the stakeholders involved should identify pre-existent paths and mule tracks and afterwards develop a feasibility project specifying characteristics, cartographic development and the necessary economic resources. Afterwards with the assistance of municipal staff and volunteers the routes identified will be restored and made safe and permanently maintained. In collaboration with Lagorai Ecomuseum information points will be set up using signs and boards relating to sites of natural, historical and archaeological interest. Subsequent drawing up and drafting of the advertising package to be distributed through the media.
In 2012 the project's completion is expected. One local farmer received a certificate to use its animals along the trails identified and secured.


Short term impact on the economic activities of the stakeholders involved and revaluation of the image of the municipal area of Telve as well as making an original proposal to the potential beneficiary (family/ school groups, differently-abled people, organized groups) to visit the mountain in a natural and eco-sustainable way.




Municipality of Telve, Environmental department, Lagorai Ecomuseum, Local stock farmer in the person of Fabio Campestrini, local tourist facilities Restaurant bar Al Laghetto, Hotel Ruscoletta, Restaurant Baessa, Bar restaurant La Casina, Telve Association of stock farmers.


dynAlp-climate: 10.000€
Municipality contribution: 10.000€

Project costs

20'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Comune di Telve
Walter Bailoni
Piazza F.Depero
38050 Telve / IT
Phone number: +39 32 82238439