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"Ecopackaging - Straight from the Countryside"

By means of the project ""Ecopackaging - Straight from the Countryside"" we wish to realise the idea of common packaging for Straight from the Countryside suppliers, which we want to start implementing as a pilot project in the Kamnik municipality first and then transfer elsewhere in Srce Slovenije (Heart of Slovenia). We will develop eco-friendly packaging, which will help raise consumers' environmental awareness and reduce the carbon footprint. By using common packaging we will contribute to better recognizability of ""Straight from the Countryside"" network.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the sale of ""food from afar"" and promoting local food sale
• Stimulating local farming and thus contributing to biodiversity and tradition
• Promoting the sale of local produce
• Influencing better nutritional habits of local population. By choosing foods at the bottom of the food chain with local and ecological origin we can help alleviate global warming, reduce air pollution, avoid toxic pesticide, and last but not least, support local farmers by shopping locally
• Contributing to efforts to save the planet by introducing eco-packaging
• Raising awareness of consumers on the reduction of carbon footprint


Preparation of points of departure for designing natural packaging ""Straight from the Countryside""
• Meetings with the local community, designer, workshops with farmers
• Designing universal packaging and packaging for certain products (boxes for potatoes, apples, strawberries, bags for lettuce, soup vegetables…), designing declaration sheets
• Producing packaging and declaration sheet samples
• Introduction of pilot sale in natural packaging in Kamnik municipality
• Drawing up sale offer and appointment of a person responsible for the purchase of packaging


1. Design and manufacture of universal packaging and packaging for particular products (boxes for potatoes, apples, strawberries, bags for lettuce, soup vegetables…)
2. Design and manufacture of declaration sheets
3. Drawing up sale offer and appointment of person responsible for purchasing packaging




Jarina, cooperative for the development of the countryside
• Kamnik municipality
• local food suppliers
• local population


dynAlp-climate: 5.000€

Project costs

10'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Občina Kamnik
Barbara Strajnar
Glavni trg 24
1240 Kamnik / SI
Phone number: +386 183 181 23
E-mail: [email protected]