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My Clime-mate

My Clime-mate

Der Workshop zum Abschluss hat es den TeilnehmerInnen ermöglicht, Erfahrungen auszutauschen und ihre interkulturellen Beziehungen zu stärken. © Eric Vazzoter

Young people from 5 different regions and countries in the Alps develop together climate activities and implement them. In two bilateral exchange projects and trips they have learned more about climate change, about themselves and about the different cultures. Together they took advantage of the importance of the Alps as a living space and of the climate change. In two alpine-meetings, experiences and results have been exchanged, project ideas and recommendations for the regions involved and AidA network have been developed.

© Gemeinde Mauren


- Strengthening regional identification
Young people from different regions of the Alps discuss the topic of the Alps as a living environment that is subject to climate change. The aim is to strengthen the way in which they identify with their own regions.

- Compilation of climate issues of relevance to young people
Climate issues of relevance to young people in the Alps are to be compiled in participatory processes and implemented in three bilateral exchange projects on climate campaigns.

- Ownership
Participatory processes are to strengthen personal responsibility for the project, the climate campaigns, and ultimately the sense of responsibility for one's own region.

- Contacts and friendships
Young people from different regions of the Alps get to know one another, thereby breaking down language and cultural barriers. They become involved in their own way in the Alliance in the Alps network.

- Youth network - participation of young people in the Alliance network
The project also initiates a dialogue between the generations in the network and trials a participatory process that is crucial for addressing future issues in the Alpine region, in the Alliance network.


Mobilisation of young people: Information, motivation, definition of participating regions, networking.

Kickoff meeting, February 2011, Sibratsgfäll/AT: 4-day meeting, Market of regional specialties, excursion to sustainable Langenegg, climate discussion - "let's walk the talk", and planning youth exchanges meetings.

Youth Exchanges:
May 2011 - Entlebuch/CH in Bovec - Kamnik/SI, 12 participants (18-24 years),
July 2011 - Vorarlberg/AT in the Pays des Ecrins/FR and vice versa, 24 participants (15-22 years),
September 2011 - Cimolais/IT, Bovec - Kamnik/Sl in Entlebuch/CH, 18 participants (16-24 years),

Final Workshop with all participants, October 2011, Entlebuch: Launch clima-pasta, project presentations, evaluation, development of follow project ideas.


Mobilising young people: setting up regional project teams (PP).
Drawing up bilateral exchange projects: project teams plan and shape the exchange with regard to its contents and organisation.
Staging bilateral exchange activities: staging of the exchange projects on various topics of relevance to the climate, with reciprocal visits to each partner region.
Networking between the three bilateral project teams: three network meetings are planned: a kick-off meeting, an evaluation meeting, and a follow-up meeting
Concurrent evaluation: obstacles and instances of good practice as well as successful methods are identified and compiled.
Recommendations for action for the regions and the Alliance: recommendations for action to the Alliance in the Alps network for instance, political decision-makers, municipalities, youth workers, etc.
Project co-ordination: commitment to the overall co-ordination of the project and delegation of duties to the national Alliance representatives.
Dissemination: I and P activities such as:
- Press articles
- Products: "what make youth move" (climate-charta), Landart-calendar, Landart-Postcards with energy savings tips, Klimarönli, Flyer and Posters - information for visitors of the Soca river/Sl, Film "rispetto dell' Ambiento", Smartphone-film "Klimawandel", My Clime mate - Pedagogical concept for children beetween 6 and 10 for Biosphere(parcs), Exibition concept My Clime-mate.


Mauren, Blons, Fontanella, Raggal, St. Gerold, Thüringerberg, Doppleschwand, Entlebuch, Escholzmatt, Flühli, Hasle, Marbach, Romoos, Schüpfheim, Sibratsgfäll, Champcella, Freissinières, L’Argentière-la-Bessée, La Roche-de-Rame, Les Vigneaux, Pelvoux, Puy-Saint-Vincent, Saint-Martin-de-Queyrières, Vallouise, Bohinj, Bovec, Kamnik, Andreis, Arba, Aviano, Barcis, Budoia, Caneva, Castelnovo del Friuli, Cavasso Nuovo, Cimolais, Claut, Clauzetto, Erto e Casso, Fanna, Frisanco, Maniago, Meduno (Medino), Montereale Valcellina, Pinzano al Tagliamento, (Pinzano al Tagliamento ), Polcenigo, Sequals, Tramonti di Sopra, Tramonti di Sotto, Travesio, Vito d'Asio, Vajont, Vivaro, Triesenberg


Adolescents, young people, young experts, regional players - youth workers, Animators and municipal representatives of Alliance in the Alps


dynAlp-climate: 40.000€,
Youth in Action: 60.000€,
Municipalities: rest of the costs

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