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Ludesch climate protection project - a municipality takes action

© Gemeinde Ludesch

Climate protection requires measures in all areas of our lives: more than 20 climate-efficient and awareness-raising activities are to be undertaken by 2013. The aim is to reach as many people as possible. The main themes are: leisure and local energy supply in schools, homes and municipality mobility. The measures link up various target groups (e.g. schoolchildren and local suppliers). All aspects of sustainability are also intentionally incorporated (climate protection, the economic, social issues). Foundation of the e5 Energieregion Blumenegg in 2011, aim: Strenghtening of existing and developing inter-municipal cooperation in the areas of energy policy and climate-protection. Possibility to expand the present actions in Ludesch to the cooperation municipalities Bludesch, Thüringen and Thüringerberg.


The project's key issues are:
How do we
- reach as many citizens as possible with a topic as diverse as climate change mitigation and motivate them to take action: from the fire services to senior citizens' organisations, from local suppliers to children in kindergartens
- anchor climate change mitigation in all its facets within the municipality
Qualitative objectives:
- Showcase the breadth of the climate change mitigation issue and get people interested
- Find implementation partners in associations, senior citizens' organisations, schools, industry and public institutions
- Draw up and implement new solutions in innovative ways and optimise existing solution approaches for the municipality.
Measurable objectives:
- Anchor sustainability as a standard at events in Ludesch
- Reach one third of all 1,000 households with the activities on each of the three main topics
- Get all pupils involved in projects relating to the three main themes
- Each political committee participates in at least one measure


Leisure and local supplies:
- Households: "punch-card scheme" for local shopping using gentle mobility
- Schools/young people: awareness-raising activities for active local recreation (e.g. research camp in the Natura2000 area, collecting litter, looking after mountain meadows); teacher training in education on nature conservation
- Associations: sustainable events as standard
- Senior citizens: theme-based leisure activities

Energy at school, at home and in the community:
- Households: electricity saving competition, checks of thermal solar installations
- Schools/young people: annual focus on kindergartens and schools; sponsorship for electricity saving competition
- Associations: energy officers with proper training; incentive model for saving electricity within the association
- Senior citizens: assistance with lowering energy costs
- Administration: Installation of energy-efficient LED-street lighting along main road, start of a study on expanding the LED-lighting to the municipal roads

- Households: cycling competition, information on local public transport
- Schools/young people: annual topic in schools; parental work
- Associations: "Sporty Sports", mobility at events
- Senior citizens: technique training; information on local public transport; subsidies to purchase special bicycles
- regional bicycle lane concept terminated in 2011, structure for implementation has to be created


The project is aimed primarily at creating an awareness among citizens:
- of the breadth of the topic
- of the fact that everyone can contribute
- of the fact that climate change mitigation can achieve more
- of the benefits for each and everyone, for society, industry and the environment.
It is intended to motivate people
- to take part
- and become active
It is intended to create lasting structures, e.g.:
- joint ventures within the community (schools, business, social affairs, municipality)
- setting standards for sustainable events/holidays for example
- establishing contacts among associations
- involving young people as ambassadors
The municipality is called upon to act as role model.
The aim is to use the programme to contribute to climate change mitigation through the efficient use of energy and, ultimately, resources. This in the knowledge that alongside the environmental impact the issue's social and economic aspects are to be seen as key.




Motivating citizens to take action is the focal point. The main target groups are:
- Schoolchildren/young people
- Associations and their members
- Households
- Senior citizens and social institutions
The know-how comes from outside experts
Joint ventures: e.g. Umweltverband, Natura 2000, federal and provincial agencies
The environmental committee and e5 team monitor the project. The aim is to motivate all the other municipal committees and municipal institutions (e.g. retirement home, library) to take part.


dynAlp-climate: 10.000 €

Contact person

Gemeinde Ludesch
Anton Zech
Eichenweg 43
6713 Ludesch / AT
Phone number: +43 555 261 3651 811
E-mail: [email protected]