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Good Practice

Naturns - the energy-active municipality

Naturns raises an energy campaign among children, families and its own staff. The awareness-raising campaigns revolve around energy-saving competitions/energy scheme weeks where schoolchildren, families and civil servants bet with the local authority that they can lower their energy consumption by 10% as part of the Action Weeks. The project also plans to set up an Energy Team to analyse the current energy use and define energy policy objectives so that in the long term zero-carbon emissions and/or energy self-sufficiency are achieved.


The Action Weeks promote the knowledge of saving energy (and money) without dispensing of comfort. By that, the motivation should grow to continue energy-saving behaviour even after the end of the competition and adopt it in every-day-life.
These experiences are aimed at making new mulitplicators of all participants, in their personal environment.
Through the Energy Team and the application for the European Energy Awards a process of continuous improvement of resource use take place, with constant public participation.


School: An energy consultant explains how to save energy can be applied in every-day-life (4 Course Modules). The measures are then being applied autonomously.
Families: The families are animated via local media and an energy-saver-trunk (purpose-built by the Energy Team). Forms serve to collect the necessary data after the Action Weeks.
Administration: Sensitization of the clerks for the measures. Intern energy-saving competition. Energy consultants analyse the town hall for optimization possibilities.
Award ceremony of the winners.
The Energy Team meets at least 4 times p.a. to define the energy policy. It prepares the application for the European Energy Award (EEA) and Action Plan.
Continuous media activities.


First the participants (school classes, families and administration) decreased their energy consumption by min. 10 %. They are supposed to stick to the changed user behaviour after the end of the project.
School: 2011 - 3 schools participated. The competition continues in 2012.
Families: min. 50 families take part in the competition.
Administration: an own competition takes place.
One member of the Bezirksgemeinschaft is trained in the area of Energy Actions at schools.
The developped material (energy-saver-trunk) is preserved for further use within the Bezirksgemeinschaft.
Concerning the energy policy, there should be an energy-action-plan and the application to the European Energy Award (EEA) in the end.


Naturns / Naturno (Naturno/Naturns)


A Energy Team was formed, that coordinated and monitored the ongoing activities by repeated meetings. The administration gave political support and defined this team (Municipial Referent for Environment & Energy, Technical Staff, Clerks, Account Staff, Electrician). The Ökoinstitut took over the technical management, prepared required materials and accompanied the Energy Action Weeks, the Energy Team and the Energy Action Plan.
Also the Bezirksgemeinschaft Burggrafenamt accompanied the project.


dynAlp-climate: 10.000€, others: Bezirksgemeinschaft, Etschwerke

Contact person

Gemeinde Naturns
Urban Rinner
Rathausstrasse 1
39025 Naturns / IT
Phone number: +39 0473 671211
Fax: +39 0473 671 212
E-mail: [email protected]