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The energy driving licence - an intensive course aimed at discovering energy and climate protection

This intensive course teaches pupils about energy through experiments (forms of energy/electricity generation); what do we need energy for? Where does it come from? (regenerative/fossil fuels/nuclear power); what does the issue of energy have to do with climate protection? (greenhouse gases); and where can energy savings be made? The emphasis is on what each and everyone of us can do at home/at school to help save energy (electricity and heating consumption).


Children learn about energy, get a sense of energy consumption, and find out ways of reducing it.


3 pedagogical modules have been developped and implemented:

Module 1: What is energy anyway? - What has energy to do with the climate (Part 1)?
1st home energy check: where do I need energy?

Module 2: What has energy to do with the climate (Part 2)? - Saving energy when it comes to electricity
2nd home energy check: looking at what consumes electricity

Module 3: saving energy when it comes to heating and transport; what can I do now?


Greater future responsibility among children with regard to energy consumption and climate change mitigation and raising children's awareness of the subject.




3rd to 5th year pupils, in 2011 11 classes participated


dynAlp-climate: 1.500€

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