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Silenen ensures greater energy efficiency in buildings: Subsidies for energy check, circulating pomps and solar instalations

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According to the survey (see enclosed questionnaire) 24 building owners were interested in the energy check, 30 in replacing the circulating pumps, and 27 in installing solar systems. The project co-ordinated the activities with the building owners. By end of 2011 already 21 energy checks took place, nearly all circulationg pumps were replaced and 6 solar systems have been installed. An estimate of anticipated energy savings puts the figure at around 40,-45,000 KWh p.a. Over-all investments of around 400,000 CHF (333,333€) were triggered.


The project's main objective was to improve the energy efficiency of (private, public and commercial) buildings in the Municipality of Silenen by involving the largest possible number of its citizens. The building owners were provided with customised state-of-the-art solutions that are simple to administer and as cost-effective as possible. Results include a sizeable reduction in energy usage and an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Objectives in terms of desired results:
1. Planning the project
2. Clarifying the needs of the resident population and information
3. Bringing purchasers and providers together
4. Carrying out the work (installation, building check)
5. Communication and publicity


Objectives and activities
Objective 1 - Planning the project
- Three preparatory meetings of the Alliance Group

Objective 2 - Clarifying the needs of the resident population and information
- Staging the Silenen Energy Event on 19 May 2010 (120 participants)
- Compiling and mailing the questionnaire to all the households in the Municipality of Silenen (see Annex)
- Evaluating the questionnaire

Objective 3 - Bringing purchasers and providers together
- Discount negotiations with manufacturers
- Looking for additional sponsors
- Informing the households of the terms and conditions
- Submitting the suppliers' quotes to the households

Objective 4 - Carrying out the work (installation, building check)
- Conducting energy checks
- Retrofitting the pumps
- Installing the solar installations

Objective 5 - Communication and publicity
- Drawing up a comprehensive documentation pack so that the process is easily transferrable to other municipalities as an example of best practice.
- Compiling a final report


- Staging an energy information event
- Building energy certificates for 21 buildings, replacing the circulating pumps in 15 buildings, installing solar systems in 6 buildings.
- Energy savings of approx. 40,-45,000 kW/h
- Boosting local business in the area of alternative energy by around 400.000 CHF (333.333€)
- Documentation of the entire process for use as an example of best practice in other municipalities.
- Final report




Building owners (households, public sector, SMEs) on the demand side. Pump manufacturers, plant manufacturers, energy consultants and the installation trade on the supplier side. The Canton, Municipality and Alliance in the Alps network of municipalities support the entire process financially and in terms of co-ordination.


dynAlp-climate: 10.000€, others: Kanton Uri

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