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Nature Pavilion - Exhibitions/events on climate change and climate protection

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The Naturepavilion is a center managed by the Municipality of Übersee, which proposes since several years education of children and adults in the environmental field. In 2010 was performed the exibition "Climate change - a challenge for the Chiemgau". Within dynAlp-climate, further exhibitions/events on climate change and climate protection have been organised in 2011 and 2012: "Birdlife and Climate Change" exhibition, peatland-excursions.


The aim is both to discover the extraordinary diversity of species in common with children and young people in the family and get to know how to act. The theme provides different aspects linked with the nature to discover. In addition, the local bird population is an important indicator of a healthy environment. Changes of the composition of the domestic bird population shows characteristics connected to climate change. In our actions and guided tours this problem is pointed out in detail. In the point of view of nature protection, we were able to inspire many children and young people aware of the needs of climate protection.


Exhibitions, excursions and actions on climate change and climate change mitigation in 2011 and 2012 respectively.
1) In 2011 - exhibition "Vogelwelt im Klimawandel" (Birdlife and Climate Change) was visited by about 4.000 people.
2) Excursions through peatland, six times, in Kendlmühlfilzn/Übersee
3) Training of Fr. Mitterer as multiplicator and guide for peatland-excursions.
Further exhibitions/events on climate change and climate protection are to be organised in 2012.


To inform children and adults about specific aspects of climate change and climate change mitigation and encourage them to be proactive ("let's do something")..


Municipality of Übersee; Land Association for the Protection of Birds in Bavaria


dynAlp-climate: 5000€, others: own resources, own input and revenues from the project

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