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Alp Flix traffic concept with alpine bus

Der naturbegeisterte Gast erreicht die Alp Flix ab dem Sommer 2009 dank dem Bus Alpin auch mit dem öffentlichen Verkehr

© bus alpin

At present the general public is able to access Alp Flix by car. However the parking spaces on the Alp are to be removed as part of the improvement scheme and a traffic ban applied to close the road to unauthorised users. Concurrently one or two supervised collective parking areas are to be created down in the valley. To provide access to the Alp Flix a dial-a-bus service is to be provided as a means of public transport of the sort which has proved successful in the nationwide project "Alpine Valleys Bus / Alpine Bus" as a starting point for hiking excursions to the Greina route.


Protecting Alp Flix from private motorised traffic, increasing the appeal for visitors by means of a public transport service


Formulation of a traffic concept: road closure, provision of a car park in the valley, management; access using a public dial-a-bus service (adapting the concept of the Alpine Bus to Sur)






Municipality of Sur, Pur Suveran, Parc Ela, Canton of Grisons, SAC (Swiss Alpine Club), VCS (Swiss Transport and Environment Association), SAB (Swiss Working Group for Mountain Regions)

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Gemeinde Sur
Marco Jäger
7456 Sur / CH
Phone number: +41 81 684 53 49