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Spazi Art e Cultura


© Ramun Capaul

The project is aimed at creating a disperse art and culture region in the Val Lumnezia. It is to include an exhibition space and an art workshop, and enable the use of historical buildings for residential purposes, which would in turn represent a sensible use of historical structures. A feasibility study is to be drawn up in order to realise this idea. For this decisive step, which at the moment is essential for our project, the association requires starting capital.

© Ramun Capaul


To counter the depopulation trend in the core of the village; to give new purpose to unused historical and economic structures; to preserve the village's impressive environment, which is of national significance (listed in the inventory of Switzerland's places of interest most worthy of preservation, see:; to enhance the cultural landscape of the Val Lumnezia; to create a new workplace (committee).


Art exhibitions; permanent and temporary exhibitions; platform for language and culture: a place for Romansh authors to give readings/lectures; organisation of an international exchange programme for artists (see:


Val Lumnezia/CH


Lumbrein, Vrin, Duvin, Suraua, Vals, St. Martin, Cumbel, Morissen, Vella, Degen, Vignogn, Lumnezia


Co-operation is already underway with the Grisons Heimatschutz (Cultural Heritage Protection), the Pro Val Lumnezia Association and the Fundaziun da cultura Val Lumnezia.


Funding from DYNALP² of the "Alliance in the Alps" network of municipalities
Own funds or monies from financial backers

Contact person

Anita Decurtins-Capaul
Walserweg 4
7023 Haldenstein / CH
Phone number: +41 81 353 39 94
E-mail: [email protected]

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