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The findings gained from the pilot phase need to be structurally anchored and professionalised so that the project idea can be implemented in the long term, too. Farmers, restaurateurs, representatives of tourism and politics, and consumers are now jointly planning an association for greater enjoyment - not just culinary enjoyment - within the region. Implementation of the Montafon.bewusst-er-leben concept is to be intensified among the individual teams responsible for produce, Kultur & Kulinarium (cultural and culinary aspects), Viehbay Montafon (an internet-based sales platform for regional produce) and farmers' catering initiative. Ongoing PR measures are to contribute towards the image gain of key regional produce such as Sura Kees and veal, and highlight the way in which produce is linked to the natural and cultural landscape. A co-operation venture with the assocation fostering regional values and traditions is to underscore the efforts made to raise awareness of culture, produce and landscape.

© Gabriele Greussing


To create sustainable, workable structures through the founding of an association based on the establishment and introduction of the Montafon.bewusst-er-leben. To actively promote the production, refinement, sale/consumption and enjoyment of Montafon specialities. To intensify the understanding of enjoyment, not as an elitist luxury but as a means of achieving a greater quality of life as the basis of a region. To foster networking within the region and beyond its borders. To consider project partnerships with the Prättigau based on similar concerns and initiatives. Objectives defined during the pilot project phase are to be intensively pursued once the association is established, and realised as soon as possible using concrete measures. At the same time a concerted effort between cultural and culinary ambitions is to be aimed for within the region in order to make use of the relevant synergies.


The Produce Team is working on the quality-oriented production of raw products, the development of new, refined and non-perishable key produce, and the establishment of effective sales channels within the region. A competition with a prize-winning ceremony is to be held each year by a specialist jury to showcase Montafon delicacies in a bid to promote innovative new product creations. At the awards ceremony the entrants, i.e. people from the region, are to present their products and their history. The Kultur & Kulinarium Team is aiming to develop the region's cultural values together with culinary specialities. The Via Valtelina is to be opened up as a gourmet route into the Valtellina, both in culinary terms and on its own cultural merits. Bewusst-er-leben Montafon is to be promoted among locals and guests with special weeks and markets aimed at appealing to all the senses organised as a result. At the same time the Farmers' Catering Team is to look at aspects of professionalisation and quality assurance.




Schruns, Bartholomäberg, Gaschurn, Lorüns, Silbertal, Stallehr, St. Anton im Montafon, St. Gallenkirch, Tschagguns, Vandans


Core group of the project: Herlinde Erhard (farmer, provider of farm holidays), Markus Felbermayer (hotelier), Christine Fitsch (farmer), Arno Fricke (managing director, Montafon Tourismus), Johann Michael Ganahl (farmer), Oswald Ganahl (farmer), Walter Grass (hotelier), Heike Ladurner-Strolz (hotelier), Daniela Netzer (farmer), Martin Netzer (mayor of Gaschurn-Partenen), Betram Rhomberg (farmer and hotelier), Roswitha Thoma (farmer) and Veronika Wittwer (


Funding from DYNALP² of the "Gemeindenetzwerk Allianz in den Alpen"
Own funds or monies from financial backers

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Stand Montafon
Bernhard Maier
Montafonerstraße 21
6780 Schruns / AT
Phone number: 0043 5556 7213218
Fax: 0043 5556 721329
E-mail: [email protected]

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