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Retracing history through an Alpine river valley - 3000 years of mule tracks along the Tiroler Achen river

Achental mit Tirolerbergen


Over the past few years a small group of dedicated metal detector users under the technical supervision of the Federal Office for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Buildings have unearthed some quite remarkable findings. Their discoveries point to an exciting history dating back some 3,000 years and a hitherto underrated significance of the Achen valley as an historical route linking the Chiemgau and the Pinzgau. These key historical sites and milestones can now be experienced along the route between the crossing at the Streichen and Grabenstätt on the Chiemsee.
Achental Schmugglerweg


Achental Entenloch



To make history an exciting experience for local residents and also as an additional tourist offer for holidaymakers and school classes. To create an offer of importance beyond the region, one which does not yet exist in this form. To pool the vast knowledge and commitment of volunteers, the multitude of finds stored away in people's garages and basements, and the many individual activities on the history of the Achen Valley to create an overall concept that extends across communities. Involving many different groups will ensure that a broad cross-section of local inhabitants is able to look at their culture and roots, nurturing the way in which they identify with the valley region. It will not be a theme trail like so many others; the aim is to highlight the history of a unique mountain valley and bring its history to life. Its authenticity will also ensure that a genuine added value is created for tourism, one in keeping with the aspirations of local inhabitants.


Establishment and co-ordination/technical assistance of a study group comprised of metal detector users, local conservationists, associations, municipalities, citizens, environmental educators, etc., to accompany the project. Concurrent information events, presentations, exhibitions. Drafting of an overall concept and its individual elements by specialists, incorporating the know-how and dedication of volunteers, to re-create the experience of the historical link complete with signposting, information/experience-oriented stations in special places (e.g. burial site, iron ore site, cult site at Staudach with views of the moors, etc.), creation of an information museum at Grabenstätt.


Chiemgauer Alpengemeinschaft


Schleching, Unterwössen, Staudach-Egerndach, Grassau, Übersee, Grabenstätt, Bergen


Verein Ökomodell Achental e.V. (municipal administrations and mayors of the member communities represented in the Ökomodell Achental e.V.), Achental Local Conservation and History Society, Bavarian Federal Office for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Buildings, local conservationists, citizens of the Achen Valley communities, Achen Valley schools, Achen Valley tourism, study group for environmental education in the Achental Ecological Project, local handicrafts, local gastronomy


Funding from DYNALP² of the " Alliance in the Alps " network of municipalities
Own funds or monies from financial backers

Contact person

Verein Ökomodell Achental e.V.
Wolfgang Wimmer
Kirchplatz 1
83259 Schleching / DE
Phone number: +49 8649 9866 55
Fax: +49 8649 9866 56

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