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Natura 2000 Ludescherberg


Dry calcareous grassland, mountain hay meadows, low-elevation peatlands and petrifying springs with tufa formation are the characteristic features of the Natura 2000 area in Ludescherberg. A lack of farm management and intensification are potential threats to these ecological assets, which can only be protected through sustainable management. Management deficits are identified in co-operation with the farmers and a management concept drawn up. The project is accompanied by a full public relations programme.
Traditionelle Heubringung

© Natura 2000 Projekt Ludescherberg

Vogelkundliche Wanderung

© Natura 2000 Projekt Ludescherberg


Development of an implementation plan for the Natura 2000 area: a) action plan (process oriented participatory planning) to ensure sustainable management for Ludescherberg in accordance with the Natura 2000 goals; b) detailed plan for capitalising on the Natura 2000 area - with the unfertilised meadows as "capital" in the sense of environmental protection and also as a centuries-old cultural asset - awareness-building among the local population and especially the farmers; c) policy decision for the public authorities relating to resulting spatial planning questions.


Creation of a working group with the involvement of representatives of the local authority, farmers, interested citizens and authorities; establishment of a group to be responsible for implementation of the future plan of action; information events and site inspections with the farmers; environmental protection counselling for farmers; development of PR materials, e.g. brochures, calendar, photo competition, nature trail, etc.; excursions; projects involving the primary school and the kindergarten - teaching materials, focus days, exhibitions, etc.; integration of the experience of the older generation - interviews with senior citizens, compilations of historical photographs, stories and legends; topics for high school seminars and dissertations; development of a concept for the use of the old school building in Ludescherberg for PR activities and for cultural and community activities for the local people.




Farmers with land in the Natura 2000 area; residents of the Ludescherberg area; local associations (boy scouts, sports clubs, local fire brigade); the ABO association (project for the long-term unemployed); Ludesch Primary School; Ludesch Farmers Co-operative; Environment and Agricultural Committees at the Ludesch local authority; Environmental Protection Office at the Bludenz district authority, Environmental Protection Department at the Vorarlberg regional authority; external project support.


Subsidy from DYNALP² (in euros): 10,000
Own funds, funds from financial backers (in euros): 13,500

Contact person

Gemeinde Ludesch
Anton Zech
Eichenweg 43
6713 Ludesch / AT
Phone number: +43 555 261 3651 811
E-mail: [email protected]