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Kräuterprojekt "Alchemilla" (Alchemilla Herb Project) - development of a marketing platform for regional herbal products and a themed herbal trail and exhibition


Alchemilla is the name chosen by the women from six communities who are working to develop herbal products from the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Reserve (e.g. soap, herb cushions, ointments, etc.), which were initially launched in September 2006. In the framework of the project, a marketing platform is to be developed for these products, including publication of a joint brochure. A themed herbal trail and a herb exhibition plus brochure are planned for full presentation of the subject. Grosses Walsertal is located in the middle of Vorarlberg. With an area of 192 km² and 3500 inhabitants it is very sparsely populated. There is hardly any industry, but the valley offers an intact cultural landscape, meadows with a great variety of wild flowers and an almost untouched natural landscape. In 1998 the six communities in the valley applied as a region to UNESCO for certification as a Biosphere Reserve, which they received in November 2000. Numerous projects have since been implemented in the fields of agriculture, the trades, tourism and environmental education in keeping with the commitment deriving from the UNESCO award to be a model region for sustainability in life and business.





The objective is to create independent fields of action for women in the region and to strengthen the programme created by regional women on their own initiative. The project draws attention to the subject of herbs and ensures that the women's knowledge and experience are communicated and preserved. Quality herbal products are being promoted and marketed jointly. A themed herbal trail and a herb exhibition are also planned as a comprehensive source of information on herbal products and their effects and on herbs and their typical locations in the cultural landscape. That will also offer a striking demonstration of the importance of sustainable management for the preservation of herbs. Marketing regional herbal products is a source of regional value added and independent income for the women - and that in a region in which employment opportunities for women are very limited. There are plans to co-operate with businesses in the valley and beyond.


With the help of excursions and a course on the subject of herbs, the nine women in the herb marketing group have so far developed their own herbal products, which were launched at the local autumn market. Workshops have been held to develop a joint marketing concept with a brochure. A market analysis is being performed to evaluate market potential and suitable prices for these products. In addition, a themed herbal trail and a herb exhibition are to be designed and established with the help of experts. A proposal for the site of the themed trail has already been made, and other proposals are being considered. The project is being accompanied by various events to provide information and draw attention to the subject of herbs and related knowledge and experience. Co-operation with the business community is also planned, and initial talks have been held and the first agreements signed with tourism businesses in the valley. Contacts are also to be sought for co-operation with outside businesses.


Thüringerberg, St. Gerold, Blons, Sonntag, Fontanella, Raggal


Women from the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Reserve, the management of the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Reserve, local authorities, Grosses Walsertal Tourism Association, tourism businesses


Subsidy from DYNALP² (in euros): 9,100
Own funds, funds from financial backers (in euros): 9,100

Contact person

Biosphärenpark Großes Walsertal
Ruth Moser
Jagdbergstraße 272
6721 Thüringerberg / AT
Phone number: +43 5550 20360
Fax: +43 5550 2417 4
E-mail: [email protected]