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Attractive Langenegg Town Centre

Sport facility for everybody in the town centre.

Sport facility for everybody in the town centre.

On the occasion of the projects carried out by the UNI Innsbruck and the technical school Lichtenstein, the issue of strengthening or creating a town core emerged as fundamental. The first architectural measures were carried out with the construction of two buildings (Kindergarten and café/office building). With the decision to create facilities such as volleyball court, playgrounds with artificial grass, children's playground, music rehearsal rooms and teenager areas in the centre of Langenegg, the town core was clearly revived. Near the town centre there is an area owned by the town of Langenegg, that is perfect for the creation of a theme path. The transformer at the edge of the lot of the Vorarlberger Power Station must be renovated.
Meeting places.

Meeting places.


As part of DYNALP definition of ideas and planning works for the creation of the town centre. At the same time a connection with beloved paths in and around the town must be attempted. In the configuration and choice of themes the strengths of the town are analysed and made conspicuous. At the same time also the situation in the old town centre must be considered and, together with the neighbourhood, new visual forms must be found.


* Renaturalization of the town stream
* Creation of the first part of the path as connection between the eastern Gfäll and the town centre
* Planting out the banks of the stream
* Definition of a concept for the increase of the attraction capacity of the town centre as a basis for decisions for political representatives with the strong involvement of future users.
* Planning works for street configuration in the Kirchdorf area and preparation until decision taking


An attractive town centre is perceived by the population as an enrichment and is open to multiple uses. With changing elements it remains lively and encourages return visits.
The creation of a path for the dwellers of the Lebenshilfe and old people's home in the town, increase of playgrounds and learning areas for the children in the kindergarten and the students in Langenegg.
The town centre is also an attractive point for excursions but first of all a place where the population of Langenegg meet.




Members of the town council, neighbours and those directly involved, and users.
Associations, members of the economic community, representatives of the AG E 5 Team und Lebenswert leben, artists


Town, promotion water authority

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