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3D presentation of hiking paths on the homepage of

As part of DYNALP the existing networks of paths, cycling paths and cross country tracks must be included in the town Geo-Informations-System (GIS). The signs presents at crossings or forks are also recorded. All the data must be available on the Internet portal "" for subscribers and guests. Data must also be recorded in the communal data-bank in a form that can be used by GPS Systems and that can also be loaded by hikers or cyclists in their systems. The situation of the networks must be changeable also in the short term, according to the conditions. Also these data must be accessible to users.


In the sense of health prevention, holiday is increasingly conceived as active holiday. In order to allow this for guests and to make it easier, simple systems must be created, in order to keep to a minimum the cost for organisations, preparation, etc.


The town already has a networks of paths or more than 100 km, an exhaustive bicycle network and around 15 km of cross country tracks. Through the digital recording of the single signs, it is possible to reprocess the overall network and subdivide it. A specific work group will take care of the improvement and valorization of the paths.


Thanks to its geographical position, the town of Grainau has the best premises to further develop soft Tourism. However, existing facilities must be offered better and easier to use. The planned information system allows the guest to recall relevant information when planning his holiday and to better plan his activities when in Grainau. Furthermore, also guests consulting services are easier also for tenants.




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