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Historical itineraries in the municipality of Comeglians

Embarking on actions to restore the historic itinerary: specifically, the reconstruction of the religious processional routes taken in the past, the assessment of connections between various religions of the territory, the preparation of a variety of actions for retracing the history of these places. The itineraries could also be restored with view to tourism in a general context of revitalising and promoting the territory.


As part of DYNALP achieving a new model of tourism that respects the culture and traditions of the territory with beneficial financial effects, enhancing elements such as landscape, culture, nature and agricultural products.


Involvement of citizens and businesses in order to create a legacy of local experiences and knowledge, requirements and availability of citizens and businesses.
Mapping and cataloguing of the existing historical itineraries in the territory and search for historic-cultural and landscape elements inherent to the specific itineraries (in particular, identifying a route that includes the cultural features and the votive chapels). Preparing of information material and its communication.


Economical: increase in tourism;
Socio-cultural: participation and involvement of citizens and businesses; recovery of the cultural heritage;
Environmental: the spread of good practices of sustainability, environmental awareness of citizens and businesses




Partly by DYNALP, partly with own funds

Project costs

31'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Comune di Comeglians
Flavio De Antoni
Piazza del Cavaliere Del Lavoro 'U.De Antoni' n.1
33023 Comeglians (UD) / IT
Phone number: 0039 0433 600 52
Fax: +39 0433 604 01