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Sustainable Sibratsgfäll 2025

Town of Silbratsgfäll.

Town of Silbratsgfäll.

The town of Sibratsgfäll with its 420 inhabitants lies on the margin of the Bregenzerwald at the border with Allgäu and Kleinwalsertal. As part of DYNLAP the town would like to force in future years a development focused on sustainability. Therefore, a town development process has been drafted, in 3 stages: -Phase 1 (Dec. 2005 - Feb. 2006): future seminar + project seminar and public presentation of the results -Phase 2 (March 2006 - June 2006): setting up of the project steering group (PSG) and implementation plan in the project groups -Phase 3 (July 2006 - Dec. 2006): chaired open debate
Town of Silbratsgfäll.

Town of Silbratsgfäll.


- Implementation concrete projects in various sectors of the town development
- Drafting of a model alongside the implementation projects
- Inclusion as much as possible of citizens


Phase 1: On 02 and 03 December a chaired future laboratory was organised with 25 participants, followed by a half-day project seminar on 14 January 2006 to fix the results. 6 Project teams were set up. People in charge and sufficient assistants were appointed for all project teams. The results were publicly presented at a town meeting with around 50 participants on 10 February.
Phase 2: On 07 March 2006 the town council took the role of project steering group. The project teams must submit a concrete implementation plan by June 2006 or - where possible - define already first implementation steps.
Phase 3: In Summer/Spring 2006 alongside the continuation of the works of the project team a public process for the construction of a model must be implemented, with the creation of a model "sustainable Sibratsgfäll 2025".


6 project groups have been set up from the future workshop and the project workshop, that will present the first concrete results by the end of 2006:
1. Paths, specifically geological educational path and Rindberg path
2. Biomass power station and forestry
3. Waste collection and recycling to improve the environment and the local area
4. Preservation of the church choir
5. Selling local products - Ensuring local supply
6. Life as an old person






Town council, town representation, contributors to the 6 project groups, the process will be accompanied by the Österreichische Ökologie-Institut, Bregenz office


Gemeinde Sibratsgfäll € 16.000, Land Vorarlberg € 11.000, DYNALP € 15.00

Contact person

Gemeinde Sibratsgfäll
Konrad Stadelmann
Dorf 18
6952 Sibratsgfäll / AT
Phone number: +43 5513 2112
Fax: +43 5513 2112 10
E-mail: [email protected]