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The water's course through the villages of San Zeno

Actions for the protection and enhancement of the rural territory by identifying a theme itinerary relating to the villages and the fountains located within them (human and cultural landscape) and at the same time connected to the hydrological cycle (from the source to its use, environmental aspect), as part of DYNALP.


Increasing the awareness of citizens, businesses and tourists on the importance of the water, a limited source and more and more precious. Characterization of the cultural and natural specificities and the historical testimonies located in the territory. Integration of the rural territory (with its businesses and its resources) into the tourism system.


Creation of a common platform that involves all the local players in the field in which the following topics are developed: participation and cooperation, environmental compatibility and quality, conflict tourism-environment.
Mapping and cataloguing of the water sources located in the territory;
Identifying a route through the villages of San Zeno that takes in the cultural, natural and landscape features and which particularly concentrates on the sources and the topic of "water".


Economic: increase in low impact tourism, reviving of agricultural and handicraft activities integrating them in the tourist route
Socio-cultural: revitalising of the culture of the territory; involvement of the citizens and businesses resident in the whole territory, creation of a network for trans-regional and trans-national relations
Environmental: increasing the awareness of the citizens and their guests on the topic of water and related problems; protection of the landscape.


San Zeno di Montagna


Through DYNALP and with own resources and those of the Mountain Community (for work to restore the fountains)

Project costs

31'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Comune di San Zeno di Montagna
Cipriano Castellani
Contrada Cà Montagna, 11
37010 San Zeno di Montagna / IT
Phone number: +39 045 728 50 17
Fax: +39 0457285222
E-mail: [email protected]