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Enhancement of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Polcenigo as a means for favouring a sustainable model of tourism

Initiation of actions, coordinated with other local municipalities that take part in DYNALP, aimed at enhancing the natural and cultural heritage and at stimulating development of tourism compatible with the environment. Apart from the subject of the natural landscape, the project intends to further explore human activities connected to the Livenza river and to study the activity of the chefs in order to create an itinerary on the subject along the Livenza River and to upgrade the Museum of the Art of Cookery.


Create a strategy for developing rural tourism, with the participation of citizens, businesses and associations, in coordination with local municipalities, starting with enhancing the cultural and natural heritage of the territory.


Coordination of the project with other municipalities in the area involved. Historical and sociological research on the activity of the chefs. Geological and naturalistic survey into the sources of the Livenza river basin and historical survey on the human activities tied to the river.
Project for a theme itinerary of the river that combines environmental situations and cultural-historical elements. Creation of material for distribution.


Economic: revival of tourism;
Socio-cultural: participation and involvement of businesses and citizens; development of the population's feeling of belonging to the territory.
Environmental: protection of human activities and the natural environment, increasing environmental awareness of citizens and businesses.




Through DYNALP

Project costs

31'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Comune di Polcenigo
Fabio Bidese
Vicolo Pascut 1
33070 Polcenigo / IT
Phone number: +39 0434 529325
E-mail: [email protected]