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Enhancement of manufacturing and activities related to using and working stone

Typical example of stone wall in the Fratta hamlet.

Typical example of stone wall in the Fratta hamlet.

The use of stone in buildings, dry walls and paved tracks are important signs of human influence on the Caneva territory. On the other hand, decades of mining have damaged whole areas, comprising the possibility of developing tourism and excursions to the area. An ecological-territorial study will make it possible to ascertain the indispensable elements for the knowledge of the territory from activities and manufacture related to the use of the stone, and also, through territorial itineraries and teaching offers, to restore the essential elements of the landscape and the possibility to develop new ways to use the territory.
Caneva inhabitants working to reclaim a stone wall.

Caneva inhabitants working to reclaim a stone wall.


As part of DYNALP to draw attention to the subject of stone (use and work) and promote a series of teaching, scientific and practical activities involving schools, research groups, museums and cultural associations. Development of a tourist circuit based on the historical and mining heritage.


Study and census of stone manufacture and of areas endangered by the indiscriminate use of concrete but still possible to recoup. Creation of teaching units for schools, identifying excursions for specific themes. Training courses for young people intending to become stone craftsmen. Teaching and information courses in collaboration with the Senior Citizens University. Preparation of communication material, enhancement of the "Museo del Minatore" [Museum of Mining].


Economic: new employment opportunities for craftsmen.
Socio-cultural preservation of ancient techniques in stone work, involvement of young people and students
Environmental: protection of human activities, possibility to consider environmental problems connected with mining.




Through DYNALP

Project costs

31'000.00 Euro

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Comune di Caneva
Mauro Fullin
Piazza Martiri Garibaldini, 8
33070 Caneva / IT
Phone number: +39 0434 79008
E-mail: [email protected]