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Development of a sustainable model for rural tourism

An alpine and hilly territory that, in the course of time, has experienced a slow and continuous decline in human activities (agriculture, livestock farming). At the same time, a little known territory (even by locals) yet which has a wealth of biodiversities, landscapes and historic-cultural resources where the possibilities of tourism have not been exploited. This DYNALP project builds on the idea that it is possible to expand the offer of tourism which will show consideration for the local environment and culture, but also able to kindle new and diversified production processes.


The main goal of this project is to create a proposal that involves the various specific territorial, environmental and historic-landscape features making them practical for rural tourism.
This project is not purely intended for tourism but also to increase the local community's awareness of the opportunities and potential in the territory.


Involving locals to assess the historical, cultural and natural situations already enhanced and to be enhanced. The aim of extending the network of existing routes will be pursued by linking them together and integrating them with the offer of itineraries situated along the foothills of the mountain range.
Preparation of communications using digital instruments and on paper. All project phases will be conducted in accordance with the local business and inhabitants and coordinated with the other municipalities in the Budoia area (especially focusing on youth) in a series of forums specifically organised. Lastly, to increase the project's visibility, one or more moments of communication will be organised.


Economic: development of new businesses connected to low impact tourism, reviving of agricultural and handicraft activities
Socio-cultural: enhancement of local knowledge, revitalising of the territory's culture, participation (particularly by the local young).
Environmental: stemming the exodus from the territory, protection of nature and the landscape.




Through DYNALP

Project costs

31'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Antonio Zambon
Via Anzolet 8
33070 Budoia / IT
Phone number: +39 0434 653243
E-mail: [email protected]