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Enhancing of the Palaeontological Park in the Brunone valley, as part of a new model for rural tourism

As part of DYNALP embarking on actions to enhance the local natural and cultural heritage and to stimulate the development of tourism compatible with the environment, and able to counter the current serious slump in the tourist industry


Development of a rural tourism concept, starting by promoting the territory's cultural and natural heritage which involves the local population and businesses.


Overhaul and enhancement of the natural heritage of the Brunone valley. Preparation of information on environmental emergencies and on the development of good ecological practices in collaboration with schools. Creation of tour packages with the involvement of local operators.


Economic: increase in tourism;
Socio-cultural: participation and involvement of inhabitants and businesses; reviving of the cultural heritage
Environmental: circulation among inhabitants and businesses of good practices for sustainability and environmental awareness.




Partly through DYNALP, partly with own funds.

Project costs

31'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Comune di Berbenno (BG) / Ragioniera
Massimiliana Salvi
Europa 7
24030 Berbenno / IT
Phone number: +39 035 861002
Fax: +39 035 860282
E-mail: [email protected]