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'Siegsdorf Stone Age' Tourism in Harmony with Nature and the Environment

Children by stone age activities.

Children by stone age activities.

Through this project, the life of our forefathers in the stone age is shown and can be experienced in a virgin landscape, as part of DYNLP. Activities forgotten for a long time, such as fire lighting , cereal grinding or tools production are part of the offer, that must contribute to provide wood experience and environmental awareness deep in the souls of the population.
Stone age valley near Siegsdorf.

Stone age valley near Siegsdorf.


Creation of synergetic effects in environmentally compatible tourism, with environmental education. Promotion of tourism throughout the region. Increase in the occupancy rates of accommodation facilities and mediation of nature-related programmes for schoolchildren and holidaymakers and especially also for families.


In collaboration with the museum of natural history and the mammoth museum in Siegsdorf a concept is developed that, through the appropriate implementation of the offer, can become a symbol.


Raising of the local awareness of nature, culture and history through environmental education. Local tourism economy is based on the "town of the stone age" and is therefore attractive, which will contribute to better use of the accommodation providers. An offer to be enjoyed has been devised for students, within the framework of natural history lessons.




Municipality, tourists, schoolchildren, residents


Through funds from the municipality's tourism budget, co-financing contribution €10,000

Project costs

20'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Gemeinde Siegsdorf
Hans Klauser
Rathausplatz 2
83313 Siegsdorf / DE
Phone number: +49 8662 498748
Fax: +49 8662 498750
E-mail: [email protected]