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Dry Stone Walls in Röthis

"Parish church St. Martin, Röthis".

Parish church St. Martin, Röthis.

Dry stone walls are of great ecological, cultural and historical significance for the Municipality of Röthis. Over the past few decades many dry stone walls have crumbled or given way to the spread of settlements. Under the DYNALP Project old dry stone walls are to be restored and new walls constructed with the help of unemployed young people. Landowners and residents are to be made aware of the importance of preserving these precious elements of the landscape. These activities also benefit the appearance of the townscape as a whole.
Recovery within the framework of the Young People's Activity Programme.

Recovery within the framework of the Young People's Activity Programme.


Preservation and restoration of valuable elements of the landscape; enhancement of the townscape's appearance as a whole; identification of the residents with these landscape structures; integration of unemployed young people.


Selecting dry stone walls for restoration and mediating unemployed young people from the Feldkirch Job Centre (AMS). Restoration of dry stone walls under specialist supervision.


Preservation, restoration and reconstruction of dry stone walls; raising the landowners' and residents' awareness of the importance of these valuable elements of the landscape; provision of a useful occupation and training for unemployed young people.




Municipality of Röthis, ABF (Feldkirch District Work Initiative), AMS (Feldkirch Job Centre).


Municipality of Röthis, Federal Province of Vorarlberg, EU funding (Dynalp)

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