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Creation of the "Pfyn-Finges Regional Nature Park"

As part of DYNALP the LER Pfyn-Finges Association is planning to create a regional nature park in the area in and around the Pfyn Forest. The first step is a nature park in the sense of the canton's law on nature and land protection (kNHG). At a second stage a "Regionaler Nature Park" will be created, in the sense of the federal law, currently being revised, about nature and land protection (NHG).


The "Regional Natural Park Pfyn-Finges" has two objectives in mind: Firstly the stated intent to offer quality, i.e. to guarantee a living environment with a high level of environmental quality, and secondly the need to protect the living environment in the long term. Another objective is to reconcile agriculture, forestry and tourism in particular with the sustainable pursuit of economic activities.


- Drawing up a marketing/sales strategy and establishing the "Pfyn-Finges" brand;
- Drawing up a tourism offer, integrating local partners, public relations work
- Raising the awareness of local residents in the Pfyn municipalities: (newsletters, TV/radio, VS press, internet, bulletin, RN info, etc.)


- Long-term protection of the area
- Provision of a living environment with a high level of environmental quality
- Sustainable pursuit of economic activities


Salgesch, Fully, Leuk


LER Pfyn-Finges Association, municipalities


Costs of around €40,000 are anticipated.
Amount pledged at present by the Association for planning and preparation work: €19,000.

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