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Landscape Development Concept for Ifen-Gottesacker-Schwarzwassertal

The Region of Ifen-Schwarzwassertal-Gottesacker is a karst landscape of outstanding beauty in the region of the Alps; it is characterised by a wide variety of uses in such areas as tourism, alpine economic activities, forestry and hunting. Existing conflicts with regard to these various exploitations require sustainable solutions. As part of DYNALP, a Interreg IIIB project of the network of municipalities, the objectives outlined under the present project are agreements that represent a non-binding guideline for the landscape's development, its management and use. Incentives are to be created to support the agreements. For the project's implementation all users and interest group representatives are to be brought together to draw up, in a single process, all the objectives and guidelines for future uses and to find solutions to the conflicts. The participants are to be assisted and advised by outside specialists, with experts from the local authorities to hand to provide the technical basis.


" Preservation of the original and largely natural character of the landscape
" Improvement in the quality of the leisure and tourism offers
" Safeguarding of traditional alpine and forestry activities
" Solution to existing utilisation conflicts using a participatory process


The objectives, guidelines and implementation possibilities for the use and protection of the region are to be drawn up in a process that involves users and the interested population alike. The results are to be in the form of a recommendation, with implementation encouraged through voluntary commitment and incentives.


Strengthening of the partnership-based relations between different users groups and the willingness to commit to sustainable development, support regional circuits and provide the necessary funds.




" Managers and landowners in the region
" Political representatives of the municipality
" Local stakeholders in tourism, nature and landscape conservation
" Nature conservation authorities of the Federal Province of Vorarlberg and the administrative district of Oberallgäu
" Process guidance: Austrian Institute for Applied Ecology, Bregenz Office
" Analysis of the landscape development and technical assistance with drawing up the utilisation concept: ECO - Institute for Ecology, Klagenfurt


Municipality, Federal Province of Vorarlberg, Oberallgäu District, EU (through the INTERREG IIIB DYNALP Project)

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